Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flat Stanley: The Preparation

We've been busy preparing our Flat Stanley's for the project we are participating in. We decided, since I think we are the only Aussies taking part (well I think but not 100% sure) that we would give our Flat Stanley's a little Aussie flag each to hold and show off on their travels.

We finally found a book store that had the book in stock. We decided on a bumper collection, 3 books in 1. Thanks Borders!

We thought we should give our own Flat Stanleys a little time with us before they headed on their way.

They got to witness B7 playing soccer (his last game of the season).

And they enjoyed a quiet Father's Day lunch with family.

We also put together a few bits and pieces that we are sending out with our Flat Stanley's.
We'll be up bright and early and at the Post Office on opening so we can bid our Flat Stanley's farewell. And will be watching our letter box eagerly awaiting our first arrival due sometime this week.


Wendy Hawksley said...

My niece sent her Flat Stanley to us, back when we lived in the U.S. We brought him to an Air Force museum, and he got to "play" pilot! LOL

Michelle said...

So, do you get your Flat Stanley back when after his travels? I am loving seeing the Stanley's floating around - looks like fun!

Susana said...

I see you guys laminated your Stanley's too! Good idea!! Did you send a travel journal/log with yours? I didn't think too, and am wishing I would have:-).

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