Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heading To The Show

Our local show starts tomorrow (for those of you in the US I believe you call them fairs). After last year and seeing all of the fabulous entries from other children both B7 and K5 have been busy working on their entries for this year.

We are just heading down now to submit them. The judging takes place tonight and we will head along to the show for a couple of hours tomorrow evening to take a look arond, have some rides and some of that wonderful junky show food (aka fairy floss YUM)

B7 has been working on this 'Battle Station' for weeks, adding bits here and there, fiddling around. He's pretty proud of it. He is also entering his Tallest Ice Cream in the World water colour and oil pastel creation. Along with his hand sculpted clay tree stump, wrapped in vines and a green tree snake.

K5 also spent quite a bit of time on her entry, this is definitely the largest Lego creation she has ever completed, "A house". Along with her Tallest Ice Cream in the World.

We've spent quite a bit of time talking about the reasons why we are entering these in the show and that winning (if that happened) is just a by product. They both seem to be comfortable with that but only time will tell I guess.


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