Thursday, September 3, 2009

Solar Panel Models

A few months back Aldi had Solar Model Kits for sale. (you gotta love Aldi they get some great things in their stores) They were relatively inexpensive so we grabbed one of all three that they had available. These have definitely been a fabulous investment. At least every month the boxes are pulled down off the shelf. Each kit is meticulously put together following the instructions step by step. (The very first time we put one of these together I needed to offer some assistnce, but not anymore)

Generally the models are left in their original state for a few days (as you can see in the images below). Then the real constructing happens! They are pulled apart and put back together but not according to any of the instructions that happen to be in the box. I've seen many wonderful creations made from these models since we have had them.

I'm just waiting for the time that all 3 of them are joined together to make one gigantic solar powered machine!

The original kits are made up of

A Rocket.

A Satellite.

A Helicopter.

These simple little kits have been the ignition for many a discussion on Solar Power, the Sun, our Environment, Wind Power and the things we can do to help save our Planet.

Certainly a great buy in my books.


Wendy said...

Those are so cool! We'll have to start looking for models around here. First come Megablocks, then come Legos, then come educational models, right?

Kylie said...

Not forgetting the other 101 construction toys available...Knex, Meccano etc etc......we need a room just for all of that stuf!! LOL

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