Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Break Time

We are officially on Spring Break here with everyone taking 2 weeks off from school. Our Homeschool Network always breaks when school does and we normally take a short break from school or at least lighten our load considerably.

I've decided to take 2 weeks off from blogging here also. I'm behind in my spring cleaning, and have a few other things I want/need to get organised.

I also plan on having a play around on here and change over to a 3 column template so if you do happen to stop by and things are looking not quite right then you'll know why.

I will probably blog every now and then over the next fortnight on our family blog.


Wendy said...

Enjoy your spring break! We take two two-week breaks throughout the year (winter and spring), a 4-week break from mid-August to early September, and long weekends whenever we want. :-D

Kylie said...

Oh yeah loong weekends, you gotta love homeschooling !

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