Sunday, September 20, 2009

Constructing The Harbour Bridge

Well a model one anyway.

Yup another Aldi special this one!

3D puzzles, super cheap, so I was a little concerned that they would be rubbish. We've had them in the cupboard for a while now and when B7 pulled out the Opera House one to do I was wondering how it would all go.

Initially it was all a breeze, then he hit a stumbling block with the roof line but once he got over that hurdle it was all systems go.

From this

to this

and check out the real thing just for comparison.

I thought for a puzzle they did a pretty good job. Now I wonder how the others will turn out.


Kez said...

Hey that turned out well! Go Aldi :)

Kylie said...

Yeah we were pretty happy with it. I had to hide the other ones from him hehehe

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