Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's In A Name Part 2

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This was a hit and oh so simple.
Write the child's name on a chalkboard and have
them paint over it with water!

How easy is that.

Why not take it outside on the driveway and write huge names to paint over.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Blast Off: Space Vocabulary Word Printable Activities

I decided to capitalise somewhat on the huge amount of interest our space unit is generating to work on some spelling and vocbulary items. If you are using the Lab of Mr Q's Earth Science Curriculum then these printables will fit right in.

The vocabulary words covered in these printable activities are:

  • Astronomy
  • Telescope
  • Universe
  • Galaxy
  • Milky Way
  • Stars
  • Comet
  • Sun

Spelling Mats

All About Spelling Tiles fit onto these mats with ease. Since we use AAS and have the tiles out all of the time it just made sense for me to make these spelling mats suitable to use with the AAS Letter Tiles.

My plan for these is to laminate them and use a baking tray. That way I am not wasting too much printer ink and I can file them away for future use. My guess is that they will be used at least 3 - 6 more times over the years to come.

Vocabulary Match Up Cards

These will printed and laminated and used for matching the definition to the vocab words. My aim is for the children to know all of these definitions, but to be able to retell them in their own words, not necessarily to parrot these back verbatim.

Copywork Pages

There are two sets of copywork pages in this file. Since I have two children at quite different levels this will meet both of their needs.

The first set is simply the vocabulary word and the beginning sound, with a place to draw a picture.

The second set also includes the definitions from the vocabulary match up cards above. The line spacing on the second set is slightly smaller, to cater for the older child.

I hope you can put these printables to good use.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blast Off - Paper Plate Alien Spaceships

I wanted to start off our Space Unit with something fun and simple, but would grab everyone's attention and this definitely did the trick.

Such an easy craft to put together. I simply picked up a couple of different sized packs of paper plates and bowls from the supermarket. Layed out paints and an array of collage items and let the kids go at it.

Whilst they created we listened to a couple of audio stories and I read some of our introductory space themed picture books (I'll try to review those down the track).

After the paint and glue dried, we pushed a hole through what would become the top of the spaceship and threaded in a long piece of fishing line.

We decided the easiest and quickest way to attach the bottom was to staple the pieces together on the smaller ships and to sticky tape the odd shaped ones, like this one above here.

They look super groovy flying through our little universe in the corner of our room. Plus it has certainly sparked the kids curiosity, they've done nothing but talk space since we began!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blast Off - We're Heading Into Space

We thought it was about time we got in our rockets and blasted our 
way into outer space.  We've got lots to read, things to watch and activities to do we 
may never want to return back home.

Mr Q is helping us along our journey. 
He's providing the guidebook, reminding us of things we need to 
be on the lookout for on our travels.

This is what the kids awoke to the other morning. A myriad of books, space related items 
and things to do. I hung a blank canvas for them to fill with all things 'spacey' as we travel 
to various destinations throughout the universe.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Bedtime Stories, lots of them!

Grandma's Garage Kindy = Cousin Fun

Spanish Lesson

Martial Arts Class

For everyone

Finishing off Triorama's

Working on perspective sketches

Drama fun

Games with friends - Shopping List 

Life Be In Fun Works, as always a huge variety of group based, co operative, sporty, fun activities.

Stilt walking

Tricky but fun

Off to Jazz class

And passing on some new moves

A spot of word work

Lots of time in the sunshine

Tending to the garden and admiring the recent blooms. 
Feeling very proud because she grew these herself.

Early morning bike rides, to warm us on the inside as
well as the outside.

Loving learning to ride

Spelling games, Mathletics & Reading Eggs

Race car tracks in the mud

Spending time with friends before they ventured off on their road trip exploring inland Australia. 
Giving the voices a workout.

Shape Puzzles and a spot of fishing

Training to be a bank teller ;-)

Beginning our adventure into Outer Space

I must admit my interest waned towards the of the week so the last couple of days didn't get a great deal of photo's. 

I also just realised that I did not take one photo of any of our big kid reading this week, this is always a daily occurrence and more than once a day. During the week we experienced Audio stories such as Corduroy, The Enchanted Wood, Graphic Novels from Star Wars, books on Egypt, both fiction and non, fairy tales, random picture books from the shelf and books to help us venture into space. 

There is also not really any photo's of seated school work. Rest assured, we did do some, I was just too busy during those times to worry about the camera.

I trust your week was as blessed as ours.

It really is wonderful to be a homeschooler.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Australian Themed Skip Counting In Two's Printables

We are working on Skip Counting again in our house. 2's, 5's and 10's for now. This time around I decided to put together a few printable activities that I can laminate and use again and again.

This is one download which includes:

All Australian Themed-

  • Skip Counting in Two's to Twenty Chart
  • Four x Fill in the missing number charts
  • One sheet of number cards to twenty
  • Handwriting Practice for the skip counting numbers
Download this file from my folders on by clicking here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Art Class - Triorama's, A Tutorial

Our home school art group have a current focus on landscapes. This particular week they have worked on Triorama's. A trinagular diorama, aren't they just super cute.

B seems to have a thing for Sydney and in particular the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, he has used these icons in the past for art inspiration.

K, of course created the cutest the little fairy habitat, that I am sure any fairy would be willing to move into.

The kids have been working on various versions of Triorama's since they took this class. It is such a simple concept that they can complete independently from beginning to end. I guess that's why love it and the fact that it is such a flexible activity that will fit into any theme you choose.

I thought I'd show you how to make one. I bet your kids love them too. :-)

To begin you need a sheet of A3 Sketch Pad Paper, the heavier the better,

You need a square, so fold one corner over to the opposite edge, so you have a triangle on the top folded piece, as pictured above.

Cut off the excess rectangular piece that sits along the edge of the triangle.

Open it out and you have a square piece of paper, folded so it is showing two triangles.

You need to see four triangles so fold the large square corner to corner the other way,

So that when it opens you now can clearly see four triangles.
(please read right to the end before going any further with this)

Choose one of those folds (doesn't matter which one) and cut along it, stopping when you get to the centre.

When you have finished cutting, slide those triangles over each other, this will become the 
base of the Triorama.

Those two triangles need to be glued together, to form the base. Use enough glue to hold them but not too much or the bottom will buckle. As you can see has happened in the Fairy Triorama above.

And that's it. Simple.

However be sure to stop prior to cutting and plan your Triorama's layout. You will need draw/colour/paint your background first. Once the background is complete you can then move ahead with the assembly of the triorama. 

When creating the little 3D pieces, such as the Sydney Opera House or the Toadstool, leave a flap across the bottom of the piece when cutting it out. Fold that flap backwards and glue it to the triorama so that it 'pops' out.

Idea's for these are endless. Glue four back to back together to create a scence or a mobile. B thought he could continue with his Australiana theme. It could work well with seasons, one triorama for each, or anything you can come up with really.

Have fun!

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