Friday, September 4, 2009

Geodesic Gumdrops

For some reason everyone seems to be doing these of late, every where I go online I see them. So who am I to deprive my kids of a good thing lol

B7 was straight to work, I don't even think he watched me do an example he was off and running.
His structure ended up considerably larger than this but I forgot to take a photo of the finished piece.

K5 found it a little more challenging. She was determined that her brother wouldn't out do her but her structure collapsed once and then the second time she just couldn't get things to stay together. In the end she opted to just make the simple small designs that I showed them in the beginning.

I explained to her that she didn't have to make a 3D model but I think she ws over it by then and just wanted to eat the lollies!!

Next time I think I will use mini marshmallows, actually on second thoughts make that play dough/clay balls. No one will want to eat them more than design and construct with them then hehehehehe

Such a simple activity to set up and the possibilities are endless really.


Materials Needed:

Round Toothpicks
Jubes, Mini Marshallows, Clay Balls, Play dough Balls (any one of those)


Sites Of Interest



Wendy said...

I know - everybody seemed to be doing it this week! I guess it makes for good fun for the early days/weeks of the school year. We had a good time with it too. It looks like B7 was working on a house!

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