Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Through The Trees: Masking with Acrylics

B7 had our regular monthly Art Gallery Workshop with our homeschool friends a few days ago. We really enjoy being at the gallery so regularly.

The brief from the gallery for this month was,

Through the Trees: Tiny people in the rain forest; works in paint

WORKSHOP CONTENT: Eden’s Landing artist Mark Davey's exhibition Through the Trees demonstrates a vibrant, energetic series of textured abstract paintings based on what would be experienced if peering through trees into a rainforest.

Children will be introduced to the technique of 'masking areas' when creating in acrylic paints. They will have fun creating their own rain forest inspired artworks.

Viewing the exhibition. I totally loved these paintings and could really see them hanging on our walls. There were various colours (not only black backgrounds) the blue was gorgeous. The children were all really intrigued by this art work as well and sat for quite some time discussing it with the lady from the gallery.

From their we made our way into the workshop room so the children could begin their pieces, inspired by the artwork they just saw.

Masking up

The painting begins. Both of these techniques were knew for B7, the masking and the use of the palette knife. I know he didn't totally enjoy the workshop (he's not a huge fan of paint) but he did complete the piece.

Needs to dry for a couple of hours before removing the masking.

Holding our breath.

We still can't decide which way we prefer it, like this.

Or like this. What do you think?


Pink & Green Mama said...

I like it both ways, I suppose you could hang it one way for a while then flip it over for a change of scenery! : )

Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm adding masking tape to our shopping list now!

Hmm, I like the masked areas pointed down (from the top of the painting), as though they are rays of sun or moonlight, or perhaps rain or falling stars. I'm particularly loving the colors he chose for his work.

Stuff On My Blog said...

Those are awesome Kylie.. I wish the art gallery days were on Kindy days for Q, then I might be able to keep the other two involved (and not wreaking havoc ;)

I'm thinking I'll dig out the masking tape & painters tape (with the blue lo tac painters tape you could even mask over areas painted and layer it.. fun!)

Despite B not totally loving it, his artwork came out great :)

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