Monday, July 13, 2015

Viking Solstice Festival

Recently we took a leisurely couple of hours drive south to partake in an annual Viking Solstice Festival.

We watched them plan, prepare and practice for battle. Continue reading >>>>>

Monday, July 6, 2015

Paint Paint Paint!

Prepping to paint the hall and theatre room.

Yep you read that right, paint paint paint!

These past few weeks this has been my house. We've been painting every single nook and cranny inside our little beauty.

Oh yes she is sparkling like new, but oh my! I have emptied every single built in cupboard in the house. That's one in every room and two extra large ones in the hall. We've moved furniture backwards and forwards and I've pretty much filled our garage with items that I need to decide what to do with.

Basically we have all but moved house these past few weeks and I have a mountain of sorting left to do. For now though I can simply shut the garage door and pretend that it isn't there ;-)

The painters have now moved on to the outside of the house nd we can begin to get on with our regular life as we know it.

That includes some much needed blog updates.

Hope to see you all real soon!

Happy Homeschooling,
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