Monday, September 7, 2009

Flat Stanley: First Mailing ~ Wyoming

It's time to bid our Flat Stanley's farewell (well actually we are kinda running late on this project, sorry guys) as they leave on their journey to places far and wide. The first port of call is Wyoming in the United States. Now all we have is an address and as in most cases the state is abbreviated and I certainly don't know each and every state abbreviation for the US. So I printed off this list from the United States Postal Service, that will be used with each one of our Stanley visits.

We grabbed our World Map from the wall and first spent some time talking about how Australia only has such a small number of states compared that to of that America. Then we set about the task (well actually I left it in B7's very capable hands) of finding the state of Wyoming. Too be honest I didn't think he would find it, after all a world map with all of that writing on it is quite overwhelming. So whilst he was doing that I went off to print out a map of the US. Only to come back and see him pointing right to the State of Wyoming!

We coloured the state on our Black Line Map that I printed from World Atlas. We will continue to do that with each Stanley we send off (not as they arrive/or where they have come from). If we keep to that routine we will still cover every place/state/country that is participating.

I also printed a Black Line World Map from the same site and although you can't see it, we coloured Wyoming on there. I am thinking I may even include another Black Line World Map and have the kids draw lines from where we are to each posting as they send the Flat Stanleys on their way. I think that may show all the travelling they are doing in a great visual way as well as having each state coloured. I'll include a photo next time so you can see what I mean.

We have an Oregon Globe so we were able to hear some stats like how long it takes to fly from Australia to the US and other tid bits like that.

I'm just trying to decide how much info we want to keep and include with this project. I'm curious as to what everyone else is doing that is participating in it. I guess I will wait and see how our Stanley's go with their first visit and what information we get back from the host family. We may look at doing a notebooking page of sorts that includes some stats about the state and a few tid bits of info but I'm not sure on that as yet or even if the kids will be interested. Just tracking their Stanley's and seeing what they get up to may be more than enough.

We packed up our little gifts that we decided to put in with our Stanley's and headed down to the Post Office.

To bid our Flat Stanley's farewell.....until we meet again, have a happy and safe journey.


Wendy said...

Au revoir, and pleasant trip, Flat Stanley! I look forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return.

Kylie said...

Thanks Wendy......we hope to have regular updates on what our Stanley's get up to!

Caz said...

We've never done a flat Stanley, so I look forward to seeing the adventures yours has :) We have that globe too only ours has ...well, brain damage or something!

Snoopy said...

The look of your blog looks wonderful and is inspiring me to revamp my own, lol. I love all the pictures and your links. It reminds me of what I used to blog when I was homeschooling my son through preschool! What software do you use to make your photo collages? I've bookmarked you :)
Snoopy from Secular Homeschool

Kylie said...

HI Snoopy, I use Picasso (Google) it's free and I love it. I need to spend some time sorting folders and things in the program though but I use it all the time. :)

My Boys' Teacher said...


I don't know how similar this is to the Flat Stanley project, but Jo at A Bit of this and a Bit of That is hosting a continent swap. She is still looking for a participant from Australia. Check it out and see if it is something you might be interested in.

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