Friday, September 18, 2009

Tot School # 6

~C1 is 13 months & 3 weeks ~

Tot School

We had a jam packed Tot School this past week. It took me forever to go through all of the photo's for this post. I am actually loving that Tot School is forcing (might be too harsh a word) me to take more photo's. I love having photo's of the kids and everything they do but often we are so busy 'doing' that I forget about the camera.

Participating in things like Tot School 'makes' me remember to take the photo's. I plan on making each child a photo book at the end of the year and it will be so easy simply from joining in with weekly themes like Tot School.

Do you kinda get the feeling that we have another little lego lover on our hands!!

This is a Galt Pop Up Toy. When I first saw it on Deals Direct way back before his 1st birthday I had never seen anything like it. I knew instantly that C1 would love this simple little toy and he does.

I have recently seen other more 'jazzed up' versions of this, such as zoo animals and the like, however I prefer our plain colour matching one. At this stage for C1 it is as simple as placing the little wooden 'men' in the slots. Pushing down on them and they jump back up at you. Later we can use this as a colour sorting activity. This is a great Tot Tool and one I would highly recommend.

He also got this shape sorter for his birthday and we haven't had it out as yet. The box states from 18 months, but I thought we could give it a try. The circles were a breeze but as I guessed the other shapes were far too tricky for him. Needless to say they ended up on the floor.

I've been making sure he has access to crayons at least every other day, although his interest only lasts a couple of minutes he really enjoys doing what he sees his brother and sister do alot of. I think this activity makes him feel very grown up, he just gives us that look you know - wow aren't I a big boy mummy!

These blocks were out for B7's math one morning, whilst C1 sat on my lap at the table he started threading them onto the pencil. Remember he did that awhile back with one of K5's dress up rings he found on the floor! I'm going to add this as a regular activity for him, until he is able to thread with string.

As long as he is supervised working with a pencil (or piece of dowel the same size) makes threading for these little hands possible.

Here's our little 'Yoga Baby'. I kid you not he does this every day and several times a day. He has been doing it for awhile too. The first couple of times we all just chuckled and then I started calling the pose - Yoga Baby - now he loves it when I call out Yoga Baby to him and he does it over and over you think I could get him to show the bigger kids a thing or two. I'd so love the kids to do some yoga but they won't be in it.

LOL this was a week of pulling out Birthday Gifts that we haven't tried yet!! This puzzle was another gift and I knew he was not ready for it but we had a go anyway. Getting those pieces into the slots really isn't as easy as it looks.

Obviously always lots of reading. We've had this book since B7 was a baby so it is very well loved as you can see.

And guess what, another birthday gift LOL truly that was not intentional honestly. I've only just realised now as I'm typing that we had out all of these gifts, too funny!
Anyway back to the topic at hand. B7 felt that it was just plain unfair that C1 had a money box now and he didn't have any money in it. So he sat down and gave him a big pile of change to put in it. Needless to say that C1 was thrilled, not at the money obviously but at being able to put all of those round shiny things in the slot and then hearing them jingle inside!

He had quite a few firsts at this years show visit too. He was such a tiny bubba last year that he slept through the entire show. Not this year though, he had a turn on the 'clown balls' or in this case a goofy look alike.

A merry go round ride with sister. This is the only photo I took and I know he doesn't look as though he was enjoying himself but he wanted to get back on when it had finished. I guess though that a merry go round was pretty tame compared to....

...the Jumbo Slide! (sorry about photo quality). We weren't sure on this one but he has always been such a daredevil baby. He loved it! Again the photo doesn't show that on his face but he went on 3 times and each time was pointing feverishly at the slide until he was at the top. I thought he was going to have a baby tanty when we said it was all over lol!

At least K5 had a smile on her face!!

Next stop was the fireworks. They were behind on their schedule so it was getting pretty late and cold. I really thought that he would cry as he has before with loud noises. But no, he was just in awe, total awe. He couldn't take his eyes off of the pretty lights.
Watching him with all of these firsts was definitely my highlight of the show.

Watch Me Grow
  • Walking (or at least trying) lots. Has taken up to 13 steps at any one time.
  • Rolling a ball between two people really well now
  • Has added woof woof and ta to his vocabulary
  • Tells us when something is 'gone' with the held out hands (must take a snapshot)
  • Plays peek a boo all the time (and has been for quite awhile) he loves being 'gone' and then found again.
  • Hides his little toys or whatever he can get his hands on. Pushes things between cushions so he do his 'gone' and then finds them again......too adorable.
To see what other tots have been up to this week check out Carissa's blog.


Wendy said...

"Jam packed" is right!

As tots learn with hands-on experiences, I think it is cool that as preschoolers and primary students, they can continue to do the same in a home-education environment.

School is so much about sitting at desks and listening, but I love that Legos, clay, painting, and playing outside is so much more enriching!

karisma said...

Well I came by because Wendy described you as a pissah of a blogger! (what ever that means) I do see you have one very cute bubba there. So where is the picture of YOU on the slide dear? If little OLD me can do it Im sure you can!

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