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Christmas Fun 2009: Wreaths and Glitter Decorations

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Our first week of Christmas crafting, the kids (especially K) were so excited. We've started somewhat earlier this year than we normally would, simply because we are heading away on holidays for the full week before Christmas.

We spent quite a bit of time this week singing carols, listening to different versions on You Tube and trying to decide on one to learn first. Let's just say that is going to be one huge task. B wants no part of memorising a carol unless it is Frosty The Snowman and K only wants to do it when she feels like it. Which this week has been once!

I tried to start off with a few short Christmas rhymes and we nearly had one down pat:

Ring ring ring the bells
Ring them loud and clear
Tell the people everywhere
That Christmas time is here

But just as we were in the home stretch of memorisation K decided that she didn't want to do it anymore.

Any tips on ways to encourage this? I've been wandering around the house singing carols and saying a couple of the rhymes, we have spent most afternoons singing carols whilst we play outside, so maybe the subtle way is the best way to do this. I do keep hoping that someone will join in on the chorus....I guess I can keep hoping hehehe

We started the week with Christmas rubbing plates. I didn't get a photo but B actually chose one that was a frame, after he completed the rubbing he went back over it with a felt tip marker and drew a snow (with elves) scence inside the framed area. A nice little extension to a very simple activity.

Then we moved on to creating Christmas Wreaths.


Used Cereal Boxes
Plates, Bowls for tracing around
PVA Glue
Pasta Shapes
Spray Paint (christmas colours)
Old Decorations
Hot Glue Gun (handy but not essential)

For this I used old cereal boxes. The cardboard is a little flimsy though and I was concerned that it wouldn't take the weight, so I stapled two pieces together. If you do this one, I'd even recommend stapling 3 pieces just to make it extra strong.

I used a plate and bowl to draw the template on and set about cutting all of the pieces.

I layed out a few different containers of pasta shapes to choose from. Bows, Penne and Spirals. The kids set about gluing the shapes on in any design they chose. I just suggested that they cover as much of the cardboard ring as possible.

The wreaths were left to dry over night. Whilst we went to the hardware to purchase our cans of spray paint. We chose gold and silver.

The next day we took the wreaths outside to spray. Both B and K chose to use the gold paint. This part was priceless, truly it was. You know when you purchase a can of spray paint the lid is generally the colour of the paint. In this instance the gold and silver were pretty bland looking and I knew that they weren't that impressed with the colours.

As soon as the first spray of paint hit their wreaths you could see the smiles and their eyes light up. They really just could not believe how incredibly shiny it was. Such a simple experience but it was one that we'll remember and talk about for awhile to come.

B finishing off with the spray can. K found the nozzle a little tricky to use. They only took about 10 minutes to dry outside and already they looked fabulous. Whilst they were drying we went in to go through the stash of old decoarations. The kids found the pieces they wanted to use to adorn their wreaths.

We attached everything with a hot glue gun. One important point here, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to these things. I bought ours on clearance for next to nothing and it is a piece of rubbish.

This is B's finised Wreath

And K's finished Wreath. We have already had comments from family members that have seen them as to how lovely they are and did the kids really make these?! These were oh so simple and they truly look stunning.

Next it was time for some very Glittery Tree Decorations (these were a kit but you could easily do this yourself)


Cardboard cut into Christmas Shapes
Other Christmas items to decorate

The kit included Trees, Presents, Stars, Snowflakes and Rudolph.

A splattering of things to decorate with will definitely help. Be prepared for glitter everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Add some glue and start decorating.

Leave to dry overnight.

The finished decorations waiting to be hung on the tree. They just need a piece of string or something tied to the top for hanging purposes.

K enjoyed these structured crafts but letting her loose on the supplies is oh so much fun. This is where she is really in her element. She created this collage from left over (old) decorations and glitter.

Well we had a great first week of Christmas Craft. I'm trying to not do too much all at once for fear of the kids losing interest and for us running out of what shall we make this week????? Time to go back through the box.

What Christmas Fun did you get up to this week?


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh Kylie! These are SO amazing... absolutely beautiful. I especially like the look of the bow-tie pasta with the gold paint on it. What fabulous ideas you have! Matthew is on a craft-strike apparently right now and I'm concerned that there will be no Christmas crafts right now. Maybe I need to buy some gold spray paint to get him interested again! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

Kylie said...

I know Nicole I was so impressed with how they turned out and oh so easy! I also thought if you didn't have left over decorations to use you could highlight with glitter gel pens just to add a bit of pizazz!!

Kez said...

Great job! They all look great!

Barry Newman said...

That is absolutely adorable! Very clever, will have to try this!

Michelle said...

I remember doing those spray painted wreath's as a child and loving the way they looked. Thanks for reminding me... now I will have my own children's work to enjoy for years to come!! New to your blog... what a wealth of information!! Glad I found you!!! (from ABC & 123)

Kara said...

Where did you find the Christmas rubbing plates?

Kylie said...

Hi Kara, I was unable to access your profile to email you back.

I am in OZ, but got them from a catalogue toy sale a couple of years back. I have no idea what brand they are, sorry.

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