Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tot Toys Shelf

I've been asked by a couple of people what I do with my Tot toys, keeping in mind that he is only 15 months so things are still kept very simple around here. I don't believe in making things harder than what they need to be.

Our TV Cabinet is very low and just the right height for him at the moment. The actual shelf opening could be somewhat wider but this all I have to go with right now.

So currently on his shelf he has the little wooden click clack walker dog, some books, babushka doll with only one inside and a stack a peg set. (don't worry I just noticed you can see all of those cords at the back of the shelf, it is very deep and he cannot reach them. I will now go and make sure they are running right along the back of the shelf though just to be sure)

Then down on the floor next to the shelf (as they won't fit on the shelf due to the opening size), wooden stacking nesting blocks (only 3 out of 10 and no I did not buy these because they are Night Garden, they were the only wooden ones I could find at the time, we are waiting on a pink tower) and his hammering station. (and I just found K's wand, she's been looking for that, see it hiding)

I just rotate once he seems to lose interest in these things. (we are out of the house at least 2 mornings a week and he naps every afternoon, plus outside play time so usually I only need to change them around once a week) The best part about this is the mess is minimal. I do have a small basket of other toys and books in the second living room but they are just in a basket. Plus he isn't getting overwhelmed with all of that stuff if it was just a big mass of toys, which I know my daughter did and still does. (working on her room is a Christmas holiday job) I try very hard to come right near him when he is looking like finishing off with an activity and ask him to help me put them away on the shelf there and then.

I do also bring other things out to do with him, but they generally go straight back. Puzzles he really isn't ready for on his own but we do have a go together at these. Crayons and any other simple art supplies I also bring out he his far too young and might I say it 'wild' with his hands and scribbling to leave them out. We have already had a couple of drawings on the walls from rouge pens he has found. (his big brother never did that and his sister only once hehehehe)

So really that's about it, nothing flash or exciting, but it is working for us for now. I am sure in a few months I will need to change things about again as he grows and matures.


Caz said...

Hehehe dont' you love when you 'find' something that way? If you need a christmas idea for him let me tell you what Merry's fave thing ever was at that age. We got him a 17dollar zig zag car ramp (boy this is hard to describe actually lol) It's a wooden thing with 4 angled ramps, the little car gets put in the top and clickety clacks it's way to the bottom. Squeels of laughter for hours with that thing!

We've always tried to keep it reasonable as far as how many toys (even though it still seems too much!) and that was the best value ever!

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