Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free Printable: Christmas Number Sequencing

Here's my latest free printable, 2 sets of Christmas themed number sequencing cards.

There are 2 different designs and both sets go up to 20, just print, cut and laminate, simple.

Go here to print a copy.


Adriana said...

Thanks! We are doing a bunch of Christmas math projects this month so these will be great!

Patty said...

Thank you for adding my blog. Please visit my classroom website for even more pictures and updates.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Kylie, these are beautiful cards - really eye-catching! Thank you for making these - they'll fit right in with a lot of our math skills work!

Kylie said...

Thanks Nicole. :)

Karen said...

Hermosas!!! Thanks for make them and share them!!! Your site it's so Beautiful and with a lot of tools!!! Thanks Kylie

Danae Farias said...

I love these! They are so pretty. They would be great for a pocket calendar, have you ever considered making the numbers 21 - 31? I grabbed these, but if you were to extend the numbers I would certainly use them:-) My son is past learning to 20 & I really want to use these for something.

God bless!

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