Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Fun 2009 : Preparation

Well it's definitely just about that time of year. I am probably way behind but I've just started planning what activities and crafts we will do over the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas.

I emptied out my craft drawers and grabbed everything that was 'christmassy' in some way. It is now sitting here in a big pile just staring at me, waiting to see what I will do with it next. My plan is to buy only the absolute neccessary items for our craft activities this year. As you can see I have plenty on hand. Bits and pieces left over from previous years, kits that I picked up on clearance. I just need to work out a plan for all of the stuff.

I've started making a set of 3 Part Vocabulary Cards with a Christmas Theme and will share those when they are done (should only be a few days). I'd like to make some patterning activities and christmas letter activities as well but I'll have to see how I go with my time.

All of our Christmas Picture Books have also been pulled from the shelves. Every year I buy one or two to add to the collection. I'm not sure I will buy any this year though as I picked up a few good ones at the Lifeline Bookfest last time for next to nothing.

I've been bookmarking simple crafts that the kids can do indpendently and so far I think I pretty much have the supplies for most of them.

I need to add a bunch of Family Christmas movies to my My Q on Big Pond Movies.

I hope to have the kids learn a few carols (down pat) this year and maybe a poem or rhyme or two. A Christmas Carol would be lovely but we'll see how we go.

What about you have you got plans or do you normally just wing it with Christmas activities? I really want to see what you are all planning/doing, everyone always has such great ideas.

Each week I'll come back and post about the Christmas activities we did, want to join me?

Feel free to grab the code for the little button that I will make and pop in the left side bar later today. Then post about your Christmas activities and plans with a link back here and then come back and add your post details to the McLinky, simple!


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

This is a great idea for a McLinky. I'll have to get organized quickly and link something up! You have a really super collection of Christmas books; that's one thing I need to do - we only have a couple. I love your craft stash, I should really go pull all my stuff and see if inspiration strikes! I hope you get to the patterning (no pressure!) as that is something we are working on too and a Christmas theme is a wonderful idea. I'm excited to see the independent crafts you have planned... who doesn't want a little extra mom-time at this time of year?!

Caz said...

Awesome christmas book collection! I saw several of those at BigW yesterday and may have to go back & get a few of them. I haven't even BEGUN to think about chrissy crafting with the kids yet!!!!!!

Kylie said...

Re the books, I have bought one or two nearly every year for at least the past 4 years, it's amazing how quickly it grows.

Nicole, I am making a start on the patterning now. :)

Adriana said...

Great idea for a linky! I haven't started ANYTHING for Christmas yet. I know that I need to get on it. I will come link up when I get in gear.

Kylie said...

Thanks Adriana, looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the lead up to Christmas.

Adriana said...

I have something to put on your linky when you have it up. :)

Kylie said...

Can't wait to see it Adriana. :) It will be up sometime on Monday (Oz time)

Karen said...

I love your Chritsmas book collection!! I'm working with our chritsmas theme shelve, works, books and movies....and of course our countdown!! I will post soon!! Love your ideas and your blog!!

Kylie said...

Thanks Karen, can't wait to see what you guys get up to over the coming weeks. :)

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