Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Fun 2009: Foam Trees and Other Fun

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We didn't actually get in as much crafting this week as I would have liked but we were busy with other things. I guess there's still plenty of time left before Christmas isn't there!

The crafting highlight was definitely these,

Yet again another super simple craft that looks fabulous when finished, Craft Foam Christmas Trees.


Craft Foam
Paper (to make template)
Cardboard Rolls
Glitter Glue
Christmas Sparkles/Decorations

I just grabbed a piece of white paper and cut it to the size of my craft foam and then hand drew a Christmas Tree on it. I traced around that template onto the craft foam and cut it out so they were ready to decorate for the kids.

The decoration supplies were pretty simple as well, glitter glue in Christmas colours and some sparkle of some description.

And they were off, decorating to their hearts content. Adding a star here, an angel there and a candy cane here.

Once they were all done I just used masking tape to adhere them to a cardboard roll, you could also use glue. Or why not hang them from a garland!

This miniature forest of Christmas Trees looks great on our Christmas display table.

K did this Dot Marker Santa page. This is her first time using dot markers (I know very sad) and she had a ball. I got the page from Making Learning Fun.

I found these "Search For A Santa" activity pages in a book store a couple of weeks ago. Kinda like a Where's Wally type thing but the one page can be used twice, first by the younger kids (pre readers/early readers) and then by the older kids. Brilliant, now that's value for money!

Across the top of the page it has the pictures (with words) of what needs to be found and then down the side it has a long check list of items.

This one has grand plans but I am not sure if it will actually take shape. The kids are pin punching out each letter of MERRY CHRISTMAS, they will then decorate them with sparkles and hang them on a garland. It is a big job though, that pin punching (embossing tool punching in our case hehehe) takes a while so I'm not sure if this one will beat them. Maybe I've printed the letters too large?

We got an area in the dining/family room ready for our Christmas display table, added our Wreaths from last week, our Christmas Trees from this week and set up our Nativity. It's still looking a little bare so we need to get in some good fun crafting this week.

The highlight of or week hands down was K's Nativity Concert at kindy. She's quite shy so we really weren't sure how she would cope with this but she did a wonderful job. It took her a while to smile up on stage but she got the hang of it and thoroughly enjoyed her time in the spotlight.

She's even saying she would like to do some more things on the stage now!

Christmas is quickly approaching, there's always so much to do. Time to check my supplies box for what fun things we'll create this week. We gathered some pine cones from Nan's during the week and are hoping to find some gumnuts at Grandma's so we can also create with nature.

What kinds of Christmas Fun did you have this week?


Kez said...

Love the foam trees - I'll have to rummage to see if I have any of that foam..

{lauren} said...

Great ideas! Love the foam trees...we made a foam Christmas tree today:) Thanks for the well wishes too...Noah seems to be feeling a bit better today, so I think we may be over the worst of it!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

The foam trees are such a good idea - they look fantastic! I'm going to *try* this with M, who still won't do anything vaguely crafty. How can he resist glitter glue and foam trees?! I'm sure it will work! I love your post and reading about the Nativity concert, sound like K enjoyed her time! Very cute picture!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I just love those foam trees - it's an awesome open-ended activity with just a bit of guidance. This is what will go into my art box on Wednesday, but I need to get some more green foam first. Anna shredded all of it into "salad" last week.

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