Friday, November 13, 2009

Highlights From The Week

Work & Play, Day By Day

~ B is 8 years ~
~ K is 5 years ~

~ Cbub is 15 months ~

Tot School


Cbub has had a full on practical life week. He's been a cleaning freak! Every single time I had something out, whether it was the vacuum, mop, duster, broom he wanted to use it. He actually did a pretty good job with a few things. He's been fairly proficient with a cloth and wiping up spills for a while now.

He loved mummy's new Enjo cloth. He thought his blocks needed a bit of sprucing up.

B went over the Blue Series beginning blends from Montessori For Everyone.

He whipped up this dinosaur whilst we were waiting at Daddy's office the other day. He's kinda funky don't you think? I could see him in a children's picture book story.

Cbub with the broom this time. He knew exactly what to do and wasn't fussed at all that it was far too big for him. He actually preferred using it on the carpet where it was so much harder to push...go figure!

Cbub finished off this little under water sticker collage, with blue chalk for the water, whilst B and K completed their Ocean Lapbooks we started whilst on holidays. (post to come on that)

He also had his first water colour painting experience this week. The first couple of minutes all he wanted to do was lick the brush and paint his hand but he eventually got the hang of it and completed 2 masterpieces. He knew when he needed more paint on his brush and kept asking for more.

We had our monthly Art Gallery workshop with our Homeschool Network. The exhibition this time around was inspired by all things Tartan. B created the tartan look collage, the photo really doesn't do it justice, all of that shiny card is quite impressive looking.

This workshop didn't really interest K so she chose just to complete a colouring page. They always have simple activities out that are related in some way to the exhibition, for any of the children that choose not to do the workshop brief.

It was a very creative, hands on week as we also had our monthly Bunnings Workshop. This was, however a bit of a let down. It sounded exciting, making treasure boxes. So lots of hammering with nails. However the timner used was very very hard and well let's just say that they didn't go together quite so well. Chalk it up to experience!

At kindy K has been reading Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein. The teacher left the book out for inspiration and the kids were given these cool sparkly Aboriginal Dot Painting Stickers to create their own pictures.

There's always lots of box construction brought home from kindy, this time it was a rabbit, complete with fluff!

CBub helped B (well tried to knock it down anyway) build this tower out of his large kindy blocks.

He is still completely enthralled by Lego and especially all of the little men. He really feels he's won a prize when he stumbles across some lying around. Can't you tell, just have a look at his face.

We are also completing an ongoing group project with our Homeschool Network. Paper Mache Bucket Heads. This is where they currently are at. I need to try and find some time for us to complete at least another layer this weekend as on Monday we are painting them.

Everyone is eager to see the finished pieces.

Oh look here's my little house maid just finishing off a spot of dusting. Isn't he the sweetest!

And of course B had his weekly Tennis Lesson, he is improving week after week with his skills.


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Alena said...

what a big week! c is just adorable with the cleaning - l is very similar! and l loves that 'big rain coming' book, they have it at playgroup. great colours and illustrations, nice simple story :o)

Kylie said...

Yes it does look like a great book. Mihgt hav to add it to the wish list!

Heidi said...

My 15mo is into the cleaning right now as well! So cute! It definitely sounds like you have had a crafty week.

Thanks for the feedback on labels. I originally took them off because they were getting long, then I put the buttons for just a few specific categories. I will look at a way to neatly put some sort of search/label system back in place!

Kylie said...

Thanks Heidi. :) I agree they get long, that's why I just stuck mine right at the end of all of my sidebar stuff. I figured there is nothing there anyway and someone might make use of them. :)

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Where can I get a cleaning toddler? That is too cute! I love his Lego face too. What a doll!

Adriana said...

I love the dinosaur drawing! My 3 year old is absolutely Lego obsessed right now too.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Wow - that dinosaur drawing is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing real drawings here, but, of course, my daughter is only 3. I loved seeing the pics of the youngest exploring his world.

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