Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Music Journey - First Lessons

We are well and truly underway with our keyboard lessons from Children's Music Journey. Both of the kids are really enjoying it and they are the ones that are reminding me, not the other way around! As I knew it would be, especially with B.

B is at the upper end of the age scale for Children's Music Journey, in fact he could of easily started with the Premeier Pian Suite if we chose. I decided to set him up and try him on the first lesson in Children's Music Journey. It is definitely easy and he will fly through the first few lessons. I'll monitor it over the next week and make a decision then if we should have a go at the Piano Suite.

This is a video (a couple of minutes) of the very first lesson, which simply covers high and low notes. If you are anything like me you really need/want to see real life videos and of the software, so I do plan on sharing videos of the kids lessons regularly.

Once the children complete a lesson, they have ample opportunities to practise using the software via games and practice lessons. Once they have completed ample practice the next lesson becomes available to them. That doesn't mean that they have to move on though, if they aren't comfortable. K was a little dubious at all of this at first and really needed to find her comfort zone. She watched B complete some of his lessons before she would even attempt any. Whilst the first lesson was fairly easy for her, she could stay on and work in that lesson for along as she felt she needed.

This is definitely a plus for us as one of my concerns was that the program may move too quickly for the younger children.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Children's Music Journey from Adventus to review on my blog.


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