Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You For Nominating My Blog - Please Vote!

Oh My Goodness, I was totally chuffed, over the moon even to see that my little old blog received a nomination in this years Homeschool Blog Awards!

That was certainly something I wasn't expecting, thank you.

I've enjoyed seeing how these awards have been put together as I have never participated (my blog is still too new). There is a fabulous line up of sponsors offering great prizes too!

It's wonderful to receive recognition from your peers in a positive way without all of the strings attached, as is often the case with general blog awards that do the rounds on the blogosphere.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that I was actually nominated in four (4) seperate categories, wow, thank you to those of you that nominated, that was such a thoughtul thing to do.

So now it's time to vote for the winners. You can read the voting guidelines by clicking here.

And in case any of you actually want to vote for me, I have been nominated in the following categories:

To vote you simply need to click on the little blue circle next to our blog name - Our Worldwide Classroom

Have fun voting and checking out all of the cool blogs that have been nominated.


Tracy said...

Hi Kylie!
Congrats on your blog nominations! I know I was one of the ones who nominated you for Best Homeschool Methods Blog along with others, I'm sure :) I voted for you in this category too :)
I was also happily surprised to see my new blog nominated for the "Best Encourager" category! Would love your vote if you haven't already voted in this category! :)
Hope you are having a blessed day!
Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life

Karin Katherine said...

Congratulations on your nomination! I know how special that is. I was also nominated (but for different categories) and I'm still in happy shock!

Stuff On My Blog said...

Voted! Congrats on being in such great company in the nominations.. there are quite a few blogs on there that I love ( yours included of course ;)

Jenny said...

Congrats, you deserve it!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Congratulations, Kylie! I was so happy to see you on the list of nominations (and yes, I voted for you!). I think you do a perfect job of combining great, inspiring ideas with still being down to earth. I admire you and all you do with your children, yet I never feel like it's over the top and something I could never do. Your blog is one I always enjoy reading and you are very encouraging, probably without even meaning to be! You definitely deserve these nominations - good for you! :)

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