Thursday, November 4, 2010

Way Back When: Cave Paintings, Little Hunter & Creation Stories

To finish up our Pre-History Unit we chose a couple of fun books.

There Was An Old Man Who Painted The Sky is the story of a little girl that finds cave paintings. The paintings appear to represent a creation story, depicting day and night, the creation of the planets, animals and people.

The author tells this story with a rythmic,'There Was An Old Woman Who Swalled A Fly' feel to it.

The illustrations are beautifully done and of course we simply couldn't resist a few 'cave paintings' of our own.

K was adamant that she was depicting a wintery snow scene. I encouraged her to try and add in at least some colour.

B was quite enthralled in the beginning, bu this interest fell away fairly quickly with this one. He is definitely into the whole pencil and paper thing right now.

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We stumbled across this little book - Littlenose The Hunter by John Grant.

There are actually 13 books in this series, with the first one written way back in 1968.

This was a cute Little nonsense type story. Although as B pointed out at the end of the very first chapter, it is really more of a series of short stories compiled together into one book.

A simple easy, fun read that certainly got the kids wondering what life would have been like for a Cave Boy that had a Mammoth for a best friend.


    Ticia said...

    Very cool! The first book looks interesting.

    Our Homeschool Fun said...

    I love this first book and the art you did to go along with it is aweseome!!

    JDaniel4's Mom said...

    I love the drawings. We may get snow here today.

    Raising a Happy Child said...

    I have to look for that first book, it looks so pretty! And I love your kids variations on cave paintings too!

    Charlene said...

    What a great idea. I love the cave painting!

    Eva said...

    very nice cave paintings, looks like fun :) I will have to check that book out

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