Monday, November 8, 2010

Bambino Academy Basics: Washing Up - Sensory and Practical Life Lessons

Our little bambino's are never too young to begin the fine art of washing the dishes. What's more, they actually really want to do it and at times will beg to do it.

I know some you are probably freaking out about all of the mess and the water and bubbles everywhere and granted, that is going to happen, but just look at his focus, he was so into this and did a really great job at it too.

Save all of the non breakable easy to wash items from the day and whilst you are preparing dinner, get the toddler set up at the sink. Don't forget that their little fingers can't tolerate the water as hot as we can, add plenty of bubbles for that fun factor, a chair or stool to stand on and let them at it.

When they are done, they will no doubt be soaked through, great time for a bath (unless of course dinner is ready hehehe) and the floor will be a huge puddle. Well it needed mopping anyway and you don't even need to fill the bucket.


    Heidi said...

    Looks familiar! I posted the same thing with Kylee a few weeks ago :)

    Kylie said...

    LOL Heidi! The downside to scheduling posts 3-4 weeks in advance, I suppose. That is the second time now (but I suppose bound to happen there is only a certain amount of activities a 2 year old can do isn't there). The last time was with the pipe cleaner fairies that both my self and Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom were working on...hehehehe

    Still a great activity none the less. :-)

    Katie Olthoff said...

    That's a great idea! I will have to try it with DS to keep him busy while I'm cooking or cleaning!

    Heidi said...

    Here you go :)

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