Friday, November 4, 2011

More Sensory Tub Ideas

I thought it was about time that I shared the Sensory Tub Ideas List with you all again.

I couldn't believe when I took a closer look at it and found that there are now over 130 sensory tubs in the list.

That's a huge array of ideas, coming from you, fabulous. What a great compilation. Thank you for your creativity and taking the time to add them here to the list.

Don't forget that there is still about 35 ideas listed at the old list... Sensory Tub Ideas List. That one has no pretty pictures though as it was put together before thumbnail linkys.

I have added a link to the Sensory Tub Ideas Lists in the drop down banner up the top there so you can easily find them at any time.

Thanks to those of you that have also grabbed the button and helped spread the word about the Ideas List. I know a few of you contacted me with issues regarding the coding, so I hope it is all fixed now and working fine you. Some of you may need to grab the new code below.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank Mari-Ann from Counting Coconuts for allowing me to use her 4th of July Sensory Tub image, I thought it was perfect!

Let Others Know - Grab A Sensory Tub Ideas List Button

Our Worldwide Classroom

Have fun adding your ideas and trying out everyone else's

Below is the original list of ideas, without pictures. This list is now closed, please add your fabulous ideas to the above list, thanks to everyone for sharing and linking it. The Sensory Ideas List gets lots of visits so I hope I am sending many of those visitors your way.


michelle said...

Kylie ~ thanks for hosting the linky!

Counting Coconuts said...

Thanks so much for providing a place for this, Kylie!


Debbie said...

Hi Kylie, I've been having problems posting my latest thumbnail here. Each time it said it failed because of an error with my picture, and then when I went back to this page, it had posted 4 times!!! Could you possibly remove the last 3 (numbers 65-67)? Sorry about that.

Debbie said...

I just noticed my Easter tub is still linked up 4 times. Is it possible to remove 3 of them (#65-67)? If not, don't worry about it--I don't know how easy or hard that is to do. I'll try to make sure from now on to just link once even if it says "failed."

Martianne said...

Thank you! I shared a link to all your wonderful sensory ideas with some folks I did a swap with, and, now with whoever reads about the swap at You are inspirational.

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