Sunday, May 16, 2010

PJ Science Week 1- Freaky Goo Worms & Gooey Slime

A couple of the members of our house have taken up new professions the moment. They are pretty exciting professions too. Allow me to introduce you to them.

Meet Scientist B

And Scientist K

This week they concocted a batch of Freaky Goo Worms by mixing a seaweed protein with a calcium solution. It's the stuff that is in some of those gooey lollies and the worms really feel like a little gummi bear.

They also mixed up some colouring, glitter, PVA solution with a binding agent and hey Presto.....Gooey Slime!!

This was our first week with Professor Jellybean. She is coming along for the next 8 weeks to our homeschool network mornings to share her science fun with the kids. And fun it surely is! They all got kitted out with their lab gear and got down and dirty mixing up their experiments.

I don't have the exact ingredients as she didn't give them away but I am sure some googling will produce results. The slime is fabulous and those gooey worms, you need to remind yourself that they ARE NOT lollies hehehehe!

So ok we might be cheating a bit for Science Sunday, since we didn't actually do these at home but they were super fun and our budding little scientists are itching to see what they will come up with this week.

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Debbie said...

Oh What Fun! Love the kids decked out in their scientific gear!

Unknown said...

I love this post!! They look so cute, and ready to go. Love to hear all about their science sessions.

Ticia said...

This is a perfect post for this, so no worries. It doesn't have to be at home. I just happen to homeschool and host it.......
So, did they eat any of this or was it just similar to jelly worms?

Cindy said...

What fun!! The picture are priceless ~ love the gear!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

You have a great homeschool network - one of my strong objections to homeschooling is lack of lab work and teamwork. Obviously, you have it solved. Great pictures too!

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