Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goodnight Moon - Tot Painting

We had a hugely delightful full moon this past week, which C spotted all on his own on our drive home from Soccer Training, just after dusk. It was a gorgeous sight too, he was utterly gobsmacked at the big glowing circle in the sky!

He was most concerned that it kept on disappearing though as we headed home, but as we turned a bend or went over a hill, miraculously it would appear again and we'd all giggle at his, "There they are!" remark. He says that whenever he finds anything he is looking for regardless of whether it is one item or 10. I guess it stems from looking for his shoes and us always saying, There they are, when we found them.

After baths we went back outside to sit and look at the moon, we are very lucky to live a little out of town where the city lights don't affect our sky view too much. I love seeing things like this through the children's eyes, watching them see things that we really don't think too much about (such as the moon) for the first time. The awe and mystery of it all as they wonder what on earth is that big glowing ball that we all call the Moon!

Whilst we were looking at the moon I told C about a story I had on the shelves with the moon in it so of course he wanted to go in and read the story. At first he didn't quite pick the moon in the illustrations, I just don't think he put two and two together, after all the real moon, in all its glory is spectacular compared to a grey circle on the page of a book.

The next morning though we were still talking about the moon and he was devastated when it was 'asleep' and that he couldn't go out and look at it. So I decided to have C make his own moon picture. We had loads of fun and it was so easy, the only thing that he didn't do was the cutting.

Firstly we began with a sheet of white cardstock. I squirted a few blobs of black poster paint on it and gave C a rolling brush for him to roll the paint out for the night sky.

Whilst that was drying I poured white paint into one container and black into another and gave C a paintbrush and just let him go for it, knowing full well that he would mix the colours anyway.

After he covered most of the page and it was dry (only a few minutes in the sunshine) we cut out a circle and he glued it onto his black sky background.

I rummaged up some silver stickers for him to place around the moon. So simple and it looks fabulous too!


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Cute idea!

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