Monday, May 3, 2010

Brisbane Model Train Show

We took the kids into the city yesterday to go see the annual Brisbane Model Train Show, little C is quite smitten with trains at the moment so I knew he would love this. Much to my surprise and delight everyone loved it!

All 3 boys from the biggest to the littliest had a blast and even us girls were quite intrigued with all of the grand models. The photo's really don't do them justice.

Of course within about 10 minutes the boys were 'bitten by the bug' and were off checking out trains to purchase for themselves, however once we realised how expensive this hobby actually is (1 train is roughly $500, no tracks nothing, just the train) we thought twice and just decided to enjoy our time admiring all of the hard work done by others.

Some of them had even thought to put in a few interactive tings for the children (mostly it was no touching) but this one used a foot pedal to stop Thomas at the station, trickier than it looked. There was a smaller table with a few trains for the kids to 'control' themselves.

It was very difficult to get good shots of the kids AND the trains, the barriers were too far away. I got a couple of cute video's but Blogger is not being kind so they aren't here. C just couldn't believe his eyes, everywhere he looked, trains and more trains!

This train is a scale model of Barron Gorge, part of the Kuranda rail line in Cairns, it was kinda neat seeing a miniature model of something we have travelled on ourselves.

By far the all time favourite area of the display was the Lego. It was also probably the largest single display. I can't remember the last time I saw B so excited, he didn't know which way to turn or where to look or where to go stand for the best viewpoint. They had everything you could imagine in Lego, trains, cars buildings, mountains, castles, fair grounds, it was a pretty spectacular display.

As you know B is a serious Lego fanatic so we have alot of what he saw on the display. He has now asked for a train (or two) which we have talked about before anyway. I'm much happier investing in Lego train sets as we can set them up on tables with all of the Lego pieces, rather than starting a whole new collection of something else. It's along wait for his birthday or Christmas though!

This was a fun morning, I'm very happy we made the effort to go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments in regard to our lego display, the group works very hard to achieve a great layout and our reward is to hear the screams of excitement and hearing the kids say look mum / dad at the lego watching their faces light up as lego comes to life before their eyes it is just great, hope to see you all again sooon
thanks again

Kerry Raymond said...

Glad you and your family liked the Lego! We love putting the Lego display together.

Thanks for your comments!

Brisbane Lego Train Group (BLTG) via Kerry

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