Sunday, May 23, 2010

PJ Science Week 2 - Gooey Jellyfish & Snow

This week the kids used the same solution that they used to make the Freaky Goo Worms but they also got to be a little creative with the solution and came up with Freaky Goo Jellyfish!

Neon coloured tentacles

A swirly rainbow body

Join them all together

And you have a Neon Freaky Goo Jellyfish.

They also did a couple of snow type experiments, we've used this snow material at home before so the feel of it wasn't new to my guys. Have a look at the expression on K's face though.

Professor Jellybean placed a small amount in their hands and added water and of course it exploded (grew) incredibly fast, K couldn't hold it all it was growing and spreading so fast. We've only ever done this in a tub, not held it in our hands as it absorbed the water so the feeling of that on her little fingers must of been fun.

Definitely another thumbs up for this week's round of PJ Science Fun.

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Ticia said...

Did you know you can get that stuff from diapers? We did that once with diaper gel in a bowl, and it was really interesting. I might have to try it while it's in their hands.

Debbie said...

What fun! Love everything from the jelly fish to the snow!

Unknown said...

Fun!! I have to get a labcoat(lol)!! Too cute!!

Kylie said...

Ticia, yes I did but we have never pulled a nappy apart or even just used it with water .....should give it a try.

Aren't the labcoats just gorgeous!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It looks like K has so much fun in the science lab trying all those "magical" compounds. This kind of things made me consider chemistry as career, but I was in high school when I first tried them out :)

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