Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patrick's Day: Learning Fun Part 3, Wrap Up

We had a our small St Patrick's Day Morning Tea this morning. It was green, green and more green.

Green vegies and dips, green drinks, green cakes, green chips, green lollies, green jelly and even green cream for our scones!

The kids smothered biscuits with green icing and green sprinkles.....just for a bit of extra sugar!!

A lovely morning with family, swiming, catching up and having fun.

We also put together the lapbook and notebook that the kids have been working on.

B's St Patrick's Day Notebook

He chose his water colour map of Ireland for the front page.

Inside the Irish Flag and his mini booklets about St Patrick's Day and Saint Patrick himself.

The Leprechaun's Walk and Finding Ireland on a World Map.

Symbols of Ireland Mini Books, B wrote a small piece about each symbol.

A detailed hand drawn map of Ireland and the surrounding area, plus a spot of colouring in.

And yes, another Irish Map, do you kind of get the feeling he likes map work?!

We have left a couple of blank pages to include some photo's of the morning tea.

At this stage the plan is combine all of B's work into one large spiral bound notebook at the end of the year. We may change our mind, it will depend on how much there is, but we won't include all of the mundane maths and language worksheets, maybe just a few tests he completes as part of his math and language programs.

K's St Patrick's Day Lapbook

She chose a colouring page for her cover image.

Inside on the left hand flap is the Paddy's ABC's booklet, we've been going over these daily to help with initial sounds. Plus her Leprechaun's Walk, she really enjoyed this activity. The yellow piece on the right is a flap that lifts up, she has glued her Irish Flag to this side.

Underneath the yellow flap (right side of the file folder) is her symbols booklets. We discussed each symbol and K wrote the name of each symbol inside the little booklet.

On the under side of the yellow flap she glude her rainbow and shamrock suncatchers.

On the back cover is her 'Where Is Ireland?" Map.

We just need to find a spot to include a couple of the morning tea photo's from today.

We had fun with this and learned quite a bit along the way, both me and the kids.


Leptir (NataĊĦa) said...

So nice activities!! We, in Croatia, aren't celebrating St. Patricks, but I'll use your idea for some other theme. Thanks for sharing your cool ideas with other bloggers :-)

Amanda said...

I love the display of food! Great activities too :)

Kez said...

Cool activities :)

Anonymous said...

What great books they made! I love the tea party as well :-)

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