Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not Back To School Sharing - A Day In Our Life

This is something I've wanted to do for a while now, every time I read a similar post somewhere else I thoroughly enjoy it, although our day was certainly nothing exciting, here is a look at yesterday in our house, times are as close as possible.

Me Up, Coffee, Blogs, Emails – came across Homeschool Day Book – add a couple of links to my         tagfoot page

Put on a load of washing
Make our Bed, general tidy in our room and bathroom

Wonder why C couldn’t choose tomorrow to sleep in and then realise that I have to be up early tomorrow anyway as I’m going out for Breakfast with the girls and then heading to a large teacher supply store for a spot of shopping browsing

Feeling peckish, off to make something to eat

Decide on a toasted English Muffin with Vegemite
Empty the dishwasher whilst it is toasting
Realise that I should probably just be entering this directly into a blog post as opposed to a word document that I will only have to copy and paste across sometime later today.

C wakes just as I am finishing my vegemite muffin and of course he wants it for himself
We sit and cuddle and chat, moving between complete silence between us and just enjoying the moment together to idle chatter

C decides he wants to check the mailbox, I watch him through the window
K wakes, we hug and kiss and I decide I should really get B out of bed
C, however is still out on the drive, chatting to nature and putting the mail in and out of the box, K decides to go out with him
I head down the hall to wake B - he is awake but doesn't want to be

C and K are back inside and I realise why C wanted to check the letterbox so early. He'd suddenly remembered that he 'posted' us a letter late yesterday afternoon that I didn't know about.
I get up to make C his muffin and K starts an impromptu game with C and coloured pencils. She informs me that he knows pink but really does not know silver or gold.
During this time B emerges, still not that happy to be awake, I think I'll give him a little space
The second I walk away from the toaster K decides that she too would like a muffin - I could suggest she do it herself (because she can) but I don't and just go ahead and make it for her

B and I chat about Lego and other bits and bobs and now he is smiling
I suggest to B and K that I could bribe them with money they could earn a bit of extra cash if they wanted to and vacuum the inside of the car. B was happy if it meant getting out of doing school work! No such luck my friends, we compromised, they can do their Math, then take a break and do the car and then finish off his work for the day

I make sure I have everything prepared for the day. Normally I refill workboxes whilst the kids are working but I didn't do that yesterday. I wondered why and remembered that C was decidedly clingy and whiney yesterday, he woke at 6:15 super early for him so that probably explained it.

All three are engrossed in a Lego Catalogue, I remind them to complete their 'I Have Charts' and I sneak away for a quick shower.

I return from the shower unscathed, no one came looking for me until I had emerged (that's a rarity)
K brought me her 50c coin collection that she must of decided to start
I reminded the kids again to finish their I Have Charts
I get the washing out of the machine

B starts some math - place value notation to 5 places, addition with thousands
K works on counting her jewel sacks (10's skip counting) from Arithmetic Village and fills in the 10's column on a hundred board
C uses the knobbed cylinders and plays with mulitlink blocks

K moves on to sight words, we play reading roading block on the floor jumping from word to word. She also does some beginning sound practice

Snack break
Kids decide to do the inside of the car
During which time I, cleaned up from breakfast, took out the garbage, folded and put away some clothes, swept the kitchen/living room floor, checked in very quickly on my forum and grabbed an apple and took 5 minutes to myself out on the deck just sitting, watching the butterflies and the birds go about their day (you've gotta grab those moments for yourself when you can)

B read a chapter from his current book and I read a small pile of picture books to K and C

B did some work on phoneme's and choosing correct words to use in sentences
K completed some handwiritng practice and a page from her Learning Stiles Phonics Book

He even includes dialogue as he reads

B read aloud to me
K worked on Reading Eggs Software
C emptied the box of Bob Books and sat and read some of them

B did some spelling work and a narration exercise from Writing With Ease (after getting interrupted 3 times we finished around 1:30)
K and C went out with a couple of apples to eat in the cubby

It's not finished so just a peak for now

B decided to continue work on his Dragon drawing, whilst I made some lunch.
B just had sandwiches, the others asked for a Choc Banana Smoothie/Milkshake, we made a double batch so we could have iceblocks tomorrow  (these are yummy and good - raw milk, a couple of organic ladyfinger bananas, homemade vanilla essence, an organic egg or two and a good heap of organic raw cacao)
K and C watched and got in the way helped out with the process


B spent some time with his Lego, K and C played with dolls, spun each other around on the office chairs and had a little fun being silly


Kids decided it was time for a swim, K has some fun with her swimming dolly
I sat and watched and thought a little about my blog, made some notes on a couple of ideas. I think that I should probably be getting organised for next week but I don't.


Pool's too cold, C asks for Playschool and a milky bottle (a sure sign he is tired but it's too late for a nap, he'll go to bed early tonight.)
Of course B and K sit and watch as well. I jump on and check emails etc.
After Playschool they watch Mister Maker
I fold and put away a few clothes and wander not doing much at all (it's that time of the day)
I jump on facebook for a couple of minutes


We check our Evaporation Experiment and the kids are excited to see the bowl full of salt (post coming) and looking forward to doing more with the water cycle, evaporation is such a mysterious concept for the kids to grasp
They head out to the backyard to play. I start thinking about dinner.


B's working on Lego again, K and C are up the back raiding the mulberry tree and looking for passionfruit.
I make a couple of phone calls.
They end up bringing back a bowl of macadmia nuts from the garden, we crack a few and eat them. The three of us move to my bed (B is still engrossed in his lego) where we chat, sing songs, play silly games for about 45 minutes


Kids go back outside to play and I begin wondering what time DH will be home tonight (he's super busy at the moment) hoping not too late as I'd like an early dinner and an early night....he's just driven in the drive, off to get dinner happening. The kids spend time telling him about what's been happening with them and showing him their creations of the day


There's still sunlight, the kids were disappointed when I called them in for dinner so they have gone back out to play. I am just heading down to the local corner supermarket to grab a few things.


The sun is all but gone, everyone's called inside, munch on some grapes for dessert and we clean up from dinner


C and I have a quick shower, DH watches the news and the kids sneak back outside
I read some stories, sing songs with C and then he goes to bed


B and K shower, DH watches cricket
They all settle in to crack open a few more macadamia nuts


I read a chapter of The Secret Garden to B and K

Kiss them good night, they've had late nights this week so need an early one
I spend a bit of time going through our upcoming units and making lists of books I need

Spend some time with dh watching a movie


Probably not really a typical day for a couple of reasons, we all slept in and so the day began alot later than normal, the kids took an extended break to do the car and we really needed to tie up some loose ends with history and geography that we didn't get to, but ..... is there any such thing as a typical day?!


l said...

I like this "day in the life" post. I will try one soon :)

Anonymous said...

This was a pleasure to read. Thank you Kylie.

asliceofsmithlife said...

Hi Kylie!
Thanks for sharing your day. Maybe I will be motivated to do this too! LOVE the dragon drawing! That is awesome!

Ticia said...

Finally someone who is not gettin gup at 6:00 or earlier and homeschooling. That is so not me.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Loved this post, Kylie. :) It seems so relaxed and happy at your house - will you adopt me? ;) I love how you make spending time with your children a priority, like the 45 minutes of just hanging out on your bed playing. You are an inspiration (have I told you that lately? I always think it when I read your posts!). I may have to do a post like this soon too!

Matt Conrad said...

Hi Kylie--

Glad to see you found Homeschool Day Book. It's neat to have visitors from the other side of the world. :)

Note that we've got a special running--if you like the software, you can get a free permanent license if you do a blog review.

Drop me a note if you've got any questions about using Day Book (just email matt @ our domain name).

Thanks for trying it out!


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