Sunday, February 19, 2012

NBTS Blog Hop - Learning Spaces

Wow where has this week gone! I can't believe I haven't posted once since last Sunday!

I have however enjoyed reading all of the fun things you will be getting up to this year, thanks so much for sharing :-)

This week, it's all about learning spaces. So no matter where that is for you, it's time to share some of your world with us.

The kitchen table, front porch, trampoline or dedicated room? I am sure most of you are like us, in that you utilise your entire home.

We have a space (even though we don't always use it) and it really hasn't changed at all since last year, so I will direct you to that post, which includes several images.

Please add your post to the link below.

On a side note. I have had a suggestion to consider a Weekly/Monthly Wrap Up Meme (linky) for us Aussies. I feel that weekly may be more than I am able to commit to but Monthly is possibly doable.

Is this something that you may interested in? Do you already post 'wrap up style posts' on your blog, whether weekly or monthly?

Anyway, let me know what you think :-)


Rosemary said...

Monthly would be good. I was just thinking the same last night - that I could maange (and should, for record keeping/reflection) manage a once a month round up.

Not surprised to see your huge bookcases knowing what a book collector you are!

Erin said...

mm good idea, I do already strive to do a weekly learning notes post over on my learning blog. could make for more boring detail then you want. another thought too, apparently it is National Year of Reading

I've been wondering how aussie hs bloggers could help promote reading. Thinking perhaps we could have a fortnightly or monthly book post with meme would be great. Perhaps we could contact the official website and see if they would be interested in our idea and linking to book review meme. What do you think? Another idea?

Kez said...

At the moment I'm reading more than I'm posting, but I'd be interested in a monthly wrap-up. I used to do a weekly one on my own blog, but that got a bit boring when we were doing the same sorts of things each week. Now I do a term one but monthly would be a good compromise.

Chareen said...

I would be keen to link up. I am doing a weekly Meme called The Home School Mothers Journal. I would be keen to link my post onto your blog and see what other Aussie moms are doing.

Ingi said...

Bring on the monthly meme! Maybe highlights (books read, maths achievements, most unusual activity etc)??

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Monthly would be good for me :)

Caz said...

I'd be on board for monthly too :)

Kylie said...

Ok it seems Monthly is the choice!

I like your ideas Ingi too.

Now I am stagnant....need to come up with a name, anyone have any ideas ;-)

Erin said...

Well do you want to go for an Aussie theme or include Aussie words? or do you want to go for alliteration like the Weekly Wrap up?

Kylie said...

No idea Erin lol!! What about 'Monthly Memories' cheesy?

Erin said...

I like it, but then I'm keen on alliterations.
Or Moments from the Month or Monthly Moments or..I think Monthly Memories is the best of the three.

Kylie said...

Thanks Erin :-)

I will hopefully have something up for February...need more hours in the day ;-)

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