Friday, April 30, 2010

Landscape Extensions with Pastel

Our regular monthly trip to the Art Gallery again inspired us to try new things with our Art Supplies.

The children were given a black and white photocopy of one section of a landscape, they were to glue this to thier large sheet of white paper, anywhere they wanted.

With a soft black pastel (charcoal would also work) they were required to 'extend' their landscape image across the page. This really had them looking closely at their picture and how the landscape was 'made up'. Where hills began and ended, were various rock formations were placed and if only parts of these were visible on the photocopy image.

After extending the landscape they were given an array of more black and white photocopies of various pictures, cars, dogs, people, flowers, trees etc. The idea was to place these in the foreground of their 'extended landscape'.

B's extended landscape.

K's extended landscape.

(sorry I just realised these are a little blurry, they didn't look that way on my camera, I need to check my settings)

This was fun, on the way home we discussed the possibility of trying this technique in colour.


Kez said...

That is cool!

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