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Language Arts In Our Homeschool

Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum
Have you all seen the Virtual Curriculum Fair Posts over the last couple of years?

A great bunch of homeschool bloggers all get together and create, via their blogs, a virtual curriculum fair.

Looking for new curriculum resources?

Then be sure to check out all of the fair links to see what others are using in their home schools.

So let's take a look at what we do around here for the Language Arts component of our home school.

Phonics ~ Learning To Read

Fitzroy Reading Program For Homeschool

Fitzroy Reading Program -  This is what I would call the spine of our learning to read program. All
three of my children have either used this or are currently working their way through the program.

The Fitzroy program is made up of a large set of leveled readers, which they have now converted to be used as an App. This makes them a fabulous portable tool and a much more affordable option.

Each set of 10 readers also has a go along workbook, this covers the phonics that is being learned in the readers, along with spelling, grammar, composition and vocabulary. Although I personally don't feel that this is enough for a complete program, it does give you good starting off points to cover these in more detail.

Explode The Code ~ We supplement with E.T.C. These are very simple, methodical workbooks that focus on phonics. What I love about them is that once the child has mastered the first few lessons they know exactly what to expect from future lessons. Whilst they will be learning new sounds or combinations of sounds the layout of each lesson is exactly the same.

Easy Read System ~ My daughter has struggled with her reading. Late last year we were introduced to the Easy Read Program, which she has been using and is coming to the end of her lessons. We've seen a vast improvement using this program, in combination with her regular language arts lessons.

Logic Of English ~ We've also been introduced to L.O.E this year so have been working on a way to get that it into the mix. So far I am very impressed with what I've seen. It is an extremely thorough program that works on teaching the phonograms and how that all relates to reading and spelling. It also contains a grammar portion for those that wish to use it.

Handwriting ~ Penmanship

Penmanship is covered to some extent within both the Fitzroy and the Explode The Code programs. We also use copywork as an added penmanship tool.


Cover Story Writing Program For Homeschool

Cover Story Writing ~ my eldest is just over half way through the Cover Story Writing program. He's not a writer and this is not something he enjoys doing so I am thankful that Cover Story introduces various writing types and concepts in different ways.

Narrations ~ narrating is what helped my eldest to really take off in his writing so it is something that we try to do when we can. We use oral narrations, with myself as scribe for younger non writers.

Here To Help Learning ~ the younger two, along with our small family group micro school are working their way through this writing program currently. I have a full review to post shortly on this program but in a nutshell we are loving it!


The grammar that is provided in The Fitzroy Program is more than enough for the younger kids and I don't really worry too much about it until they are reading and writing well. Then they can actually see a use for what they are learning.

My eldest uses the Grammar component in Cover Story Writing (which they only have two lessons left) and has just started with the grammar in Logic of English. When we have time we also very slowly work our way through the book we have from IEW's Fix It grammar series.


We read aloud daily, myself to the kids and then they also read aloud books to us as a group. They also have their own personal selection of books, most of which they choose themselves, to read.

They are part of a small, casual Roald Dahl Book Club, where slowly the group is making their way through his books. We gather to discuss the book, work on a few fun activities and if possible watch the movie.

This year for my eldest we've started a teen book club, this term we are reading John Marsden, Tomorrow When The War Began. We meet each week with a group of teens to discuss the book and undertake various activities together. I have been very pleasantly surprised to see how much they are all enjoying the book club.

It seems like such a lot when I list it all out here, so please don't feel that we use all of this every single day, because we don't. We mix it up so that everything does get utilised over the course of the week though.

Not relying solely on one program works for us. We aren't getting bored using the same thing day in and day out and from past experience no one program covers it all anyway.

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Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

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