Saturday, March 12, 2016

Five On A Friday #1

So I've seen these 'five on a friday' posts floating around the blogosphere for awhile now.

Given that you all know how terribly awful I am at keeping up with any kind of regular weekly wrap style post I thought that maybe I could give this one a go.

It's short, simple and sweet, just what I need amongst the busyness of life! So I'm going with five random things I have going on right now.

In The Home

This past weekend my husband and I took a two day long photography workshop. We finally know how to use our cameras in manual mode!! That doesn't mean we are now whizz bang photographers, like anything it takes a great deal of practice, but my photo's have already improved so I'm a happy girl. Thanks Andrew from Natures Image.

In School

We've just finished our first Teen Book Club with my eldest and about eight other teens. We've spent the past six weeks discussing, reflecting on and doing various activities all around the book Tomorrow When The War Began.

When I suggested a book club I was really unsure as to how it would all pan out, but I have been pleasantly surprised as to the level interest and how much the teens have taken to it.

We've just finished watching the movie together as a group to compare the differences.

Out & About

We are all excited, getting ready for our upcoming Homeschool Family Camp which we leave for this weekend. We are heading to the country this time around and the kid can't wait!

On The Net

I've been reading over this Simple Machines Unit Study

On My Blog

I posted about a primary years writing program we've been using this past week. I have to tell you that this one is a gem. My daughter was in bed at 9pm writing, writing stories I tell you all because of this program!!

Well that was rather easy and painless. Time shall tell if I do this again in a week.

Happy Homeschooling,

P.S I know it is Saturday morning here but my internet decided to crash 3 quarters through writing this last night.

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