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A Day In Our Life - Not Back To School Blog Hop 2016

Spend A Day In Our Homeschool Life

This is the fourth and final week of the All Australian Not Back To School Blog Hop, hasn't that gone fast! I hope you've enjoyed reading all of the different thoughts and ideas posted by all of the bloggers.

If you missed any previous weeks, links to them can be found at the bottom of this post.

This week we are taking a fly on the wall approach and sharing a Day In Our Lives.

Like most homeschoolers no two days really look the same here in our house. I have chosen to document what is as close to a regular school day as I can. These days occur at the most three times a week. Once a week we have our micro school day and once a week we have co-op, so that leaves us three days for some type of structured learning at home, if we aren't out on excursions and the like.

Time to rise and shine
Grab a cuppa
Check emails & social media
Check my Review Crew
Make sure I have everything ready to go for today
Kids are still snoozing
Love my quiet mornings

Things are a bit slow going this morning, me included

Morning basket
Read Alouds

We break off to work independently
I spend about 40 minutes with the 7 year old
Phonics, addition & reading aloud
We play silly games racing each other
Him with his work and mine in the kitchen
He loves this part of our day
It adds excitement to something he may not otherwise love
The older two doing their own work independently

7 year old is practicing drums
I'm one on one with my 11 year old
Going over anything she needs help with
The teen is busy busy busy, grabbing fruit and iced water to replenish himself

A quick check with my teen
Is he on track?
Does he need anything?
All is well.

We completed the next section in our Rainforest Journey
And decided to call it a day.
 It's hot!
We needed to run a few errands
The pool was calling.

So far this year we have no extra curricular activities on Wednesday evenings, so that means a lovely quiet evening at home together, trying to stay cool!

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Thanks for joining in on another great year of the All Australian Not Back To School Blog Hop.

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Melissa said...

Looks like a lovely day :)

annette @ A net in time said...

that was great to read, looks like you had a great day. :)

Our Crazy Happy Home said...

We have those Zen tails too..haven't read them yet though. Your days are a lot like ours getting it done in the morning and leaving time in the afternoon for enjoying life. Its the way to go. How old are you kiddos?

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