Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seacliff Bridge

Today was one of our bigger days, not only did we have a 4 hour drive to Sydney, we needed to return our hire car, pick up the Motorhome and drive another 1.5 hours out to Katoomba.


I needed something to break up the driving. A brief stop off at the Seacliff Bridge was perfect!
The Seacliff Bridge is a $52 million balance cantilever bridge that links the towns of Coalcliff and Clifton. It boasts some pretty spectacular scenery and if you are in the area and it is definitely worth a look.


Visitors can walk, drive or cycle the 665 metres and take in the breathtaking views of the coastline the entire way.

The bridge is located 60 kilometres south of Sydney, a fairly easy drive.


On the northern end of the bridge visitors have added their own personal touch with padlocks. Many are simply random, blank padlocks, but others have been inscribed as a memory to a particular event, such as dates of marriage or the death of a loved one.


In a nutshell the road simply slid away. However this part of the road has seen erosion and rock slides for a very long time. The hazards of having a road so close to the ocean I suppose.


I’m very glad we made the decision to stop here, to see the bridge and the spectacular views of this coastline it was so worth it!

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Ingi said...

Did you know that the RTA (or whatever they are called now) is going to take all those padlocks off? Something about public hazard or some such nonense. I loved the padlocks!

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