Friday, September 7, 2012

Bateman’s Bay

Bateman’s Bay is a sleepy seaside village about 4 hours south of Sydney and 2 hours south east of Canberra.


When telling people of our intentions to visit this area for a few days we received mixed reactions about Bateman’s so we had no idea what was awaiting us.

Let’s just say that this is one area we hope to return to and it is easy to see why many call this home and even more flock here to holiday.

Whilst the main village centre is on the bay and marina area, there are some beautiful surf and calm water beaches, along with gorgeous bushland only a few short minutes away.


We spent the morning exploring one of the calmer smaller inlet areas. With cliffs some 30 metres high and stunning rock formations, some serious exploration happened here.


Years of weathering and erosion has created many small caves, perfect to crawl inside.


Rock pools abound, even though the tide wasn’t out far enough for many of the little critters to be out and about, we still had loads of fun scrambling over the rocks from pool to pool.


Stunning coastline, we were blessed with glorious weather.


The kids love conventional indoor rock climbing so when they get the opportunity to try the real thing they always jump at it.


The moss covering this rock caught my eye. I couldn’t walk past without snapping a shot of it.


At the edge of the car park is a small playground, nowhere near as exciting as exploring the beach area though.


The minute we entered the bay area the kids spotted this Mini Golf and quickly added it to their list of things to do whilst in the area.


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Mini Golf: $9 per person


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