Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Australian Institute of Sport

Who isn’t intrigued to see where our elite athletes live and train? Visiting the Institute is by way of a guided tour.


The tour guides are the athletes themselves. Our guide for the morning was a young athletic walker, hoping to see herself representing our country some day soon.


The tour took us to the AIS Sportec room, where various sports were on offer to try out for fun.


Fairy Princess headed straight for the rock climbing poles.


Track your reaction times, how quickly can you get a start.


The sled simulator was by far the favourite sport. Laying on a moveable sled, with a fast paced simulation playing in front of you, wind rushing through your hair it was race to the bottom.


Or how about trying your luck at scoring a goal against one of the Socceroos!


Downhill skiing, another popular sport with the kids.


Cycling proved to be a bit of feat, those bikes are quite large!


After some time in the Sportec space we headed out to see some of the training venues used by the athletes. The gymnastics hall, volleyball centre and the new state of the art swimming and recovery pools to name a few.

Now we know just how our Athletes live and train day in and day out!

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Entry Fee: $49.00 for a family
Parking: Good
Time to allow: 90 minutes


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