Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Parliament House – Old and New

Our last day in Canberra, we chose Parliament House, beginning the day with Old Parliament House, which has been converted to a museum.


Lego Lover has a slight interest in politics; he was quite excited to be visiting.


The children were each given a colourful interactive folder to work through as they wandered the floors. It required them to look for clues, by finding certain display items.
Here we stopped to make Federation Lanterns.


Speaker for a minute. He takes his role very seriously!


We thought the media room was probably the most exciting place to be!


The museum has dedicated an entire area for children to explore and create in. This particular wall adorned with listening pipes is all about having your message heard.


Further into the space are large wooden trees that many children before us have written their messages on.


As you continue through the space you enter the Make It Take It area. Today it didn’t house anything political, simply origami frogs.


A small area for dressing up in was wholeheartedly embraced by Fairy Princess. The Queen her favourite role!


But then again, finding a lump of gold that size is pretty impressive.

It was a pleasure to visit here. All of our children were made to feel welcome and each of them enjoyed their visit and they all learned a little more about Australian Politics.


We headed on over to new Parliament House, what a vast difference. The foyer is adorned in marble from floor to ceiling. Definitely one impressive place to see, especially the ball room and the amazing tapestry hanging on the back wall.


As this is a working building, visitors are free to wander the halls, but there isn’t a great deal for the kids to really sink their teeth in here.

Their highlight was heading to the rooftop and looking Canberra and getting just the bit closer to the flag that.

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Kez said...

Did you get to see any parliament in session?

We loved Old Parliament House. So interactive.

Kylie said...

No Kez, Parliament wasn't sitting. I know Lego Lover would've liked to have seen a glimpse of that though.

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