Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eurobodalla Botanical Gardens

Between Bateman’s Bay and Mogo is the Eurobodalla Botanical Gardens.



The small garden cafe serves light lunches, cakes and slices. We had a yummy hamburger here.


We loved these gardens. Very rustic, natural, full of Australian Natives and many areas of the gardens have barely been touched by man at all.


They’ve included a short children’s walk with a mini booklet to complete for anyone that wishes to do so.

Animal and bird figurines are dotted throughout the walk, however most of these have been damaged. I can never quite understand why people seem to delight in damaging things that are there for the pleasure of everyone.


Interactive question and answer signs are positioned with each animal along the walk.


It took them a couple of ‘walk bys’ to spot the kookaburra’s nested in the trees.


I had no idea what they were discussing here. I’m assuming the information about the specific animal in that area.



We were all pretty excited to unexpectedly stumble across some kangaroo’s.


Ponds, dams and creeks are everywhere throughout the gardens.




The Play Space here is fabulous. With covered BBQ Areas and wide open grassed areas right alongside the playground.


Which is not your average run of the mill playground.

I think like most home schooling families we spend a fair amount of time in playgrounds and most of them are fairly ho hum, so it’s always nice to come across a play area that someone has put real thought in to.


Similar to the regular spider web climbing frames that you now see in all newer playgrounds, however this has the element of movement. It spins like an old fashioned whirly gig.


Stunning large scale musical instruments are scattered throughout the play area.


Swinging is so much more fun in groups. The kids were calling this their own little ‘Claw’. Our friends at home will know what they talking about
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Just before we left the gardens for the afternoon we spotted this heart shaped tree trunk. These gardens are certainly filled with love!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I came across this page when I searched for 'eurobodalla homeschool' wanting to connect with others as I am starting home school for my son (who will be in year 4 next year 2013). So now of course I will visit your contact page :D
BTW I live just down the road from these fab gardens - wonderful for kids and Arborist husband as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie, I agree entirely - it's a great bot garden. and things are happening there. The play space now boats a two-storey mud-brick cubby which I'm sure your kids will love. And they are busy developing a seed bank to collect and store native plants within their "collecting area". What makes this garden different in that it only features native pants from the local south coast region, ie they don't plant any stuff from elsewhere in NSW or interstate, even if some Evie's have a range which extends that far. So, li,e me, you will have to visit again (and again!)

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