Monday, September 3, 2012

CSIRO Discovery

 A massive day of Science today. Questacon this morning and CSIRO Discovery this afternoon.

This is a small showcase of some of the things that the people at CSIRO get up to. It also includes a few hands on, interactive work stations.

If I had to pick between the two I would certainly choose Questacon, but at only $20 for the whole family CSIRO Discovery still offered a couple of pretty cool experiences.

Visitors have the opportunity to watch a 10 minute 3D video which details more about some of what the CSIRO are currently working

csiro 4

Inside what they call, The Lab, were several small activities, like this simple Acids and Bases experiment.

csiro 3

These sorts of things normally freak Little Surfer Dude out but he enjoyed this activity today.


This oversized heart chair was certainly pretty cool!

csiro 5

Here Fairy Princess is extracting DNA from Pea Juice.


The Biodiversity display, working with backyards and the wider environment.

csiro 2

Lego Lover was thrilled to complete this accurately. He is controlling a robotic drilling piece via the controls and the image on the screen.

csiro 1

On the other side (where he cannot see) is the robot he his maneuvering, simulating how this could possibly be used in the mining industry.

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Entry Fee: $20 for a family
Time to Allow: 60 – 90 minutes
Parking: Good


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