Friday, October 1, 2010

The Craft Club: Candle Making Part 2

Remember our candle making experience from a few weeks back? Well we had Crazy Candles come out again, since the kids just loved their candles so much. The older kids tried something different this time, something a little more challenging.

Balloon dipped candles. Basically the process is the same as before except this time they used a balloon with cold water in it. The tricky part of this design was keeping their levels even. With each colour they had to make sure as best they could to get the wax to the same level each time.

Then with a new colour choice, they needed to lower the level by roughly 1cm and so on.

B chose to have little shapes cut out of his, which would look nice when/if he places a tea light candle inside. K left hers as is and I obviously didn't get a photo because I can't find one.

Although the process was technically the same the experience and end products were quite different.

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Ticia said...

That looks so fun, I've never actually made a candle, but keep threatening to make one.

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