Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monthly Highlights: September 2010 for K

Language Arts

Our current focus for this area is getting all of the beginning letter sounds down pat. You have probably noticed that we have taken the 'better late than early approach' here, so we are working on mastery with the letters, not just exposure.

I did not want this to be a plain and downright boring exercise, cause let's face it, if you don't know your letter sounds there are lots of them to learn!!! So I have been working on putting together silly letter chants (which K absolutely loves) we enjoy practising these in the car and together we are putting together an alphabet rhyme book, along with some more of the traditional letter activities.

We are following along with the Explode The Code Primers, hence the order that the letters have been introduced.  Letters covered this month, F, B, M, K, T and half way through R (both kids were quite sick in the last week of the month so not much was doing here during that time).

You can see the Letters we've covered here.

This coming week is review for those letters so I will have some fun things to share with you on that.

Read Alouds - Mrs Pepperpots Outing and The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race, along with several picture books. 

Time 4 Learning - we had our months free trial over at a Time 4 Learning an K enjoyed some of the Preschool Language Arts activities on it.

K spotted this Same or Different Activity book awhile back at the grocery store and wanted it to do, it was far too easy for her so she breezed through it this past month.

She wrapped up Singapore Earlybird Mathematics 2A, it finishes with introducing the concept of Addition. We've been doing this for awhile now anyway, with lollies and things so she has breezed through this.

Book 2B continues with the Addition concept applying it in various ways.

Time 4 Learning covered basic math concepts such as calendar, patterning and sorting objects.


Professor Jellybean Science Workshop with our Home School Network.


We have just about wrapped up our Pre-Hisotry Unit covered Big Bang Theory, Evolution and Charles Darwin.


Cake decorating with our Home School Network.

Painted Toilet Paper Trees in art class with Home School Network.

Fathers Day Handprint Posters.

Paper Towel Tie Dye activities were done this month also.

Social Studies

We've been watching Heston's Feast, this guy is truly amazing with what he does with food. A great series! The kids have loved this to bits.

Be warned, there sre some elements to this that are not suitable for children at all, but overall it is fabulous.

Thankfully we have our TIVO and the kids watch a recorded version that we can skip parts if needed. Check it out here.

Sport/Outdoor Activity

Her Golf lessons for the term wrapped up this month. Whilst she was very keen in the beginning, with these, she also lost interest very quickly.

We went Bowling one afternoon with some of our Home School Network friends.

Se always spends considerable time on her scooter, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, plain old running around the backyard and is forever dancing, dancing, dancing.

Other - she, along with her dad and brother built an outdoor cubby/lean too in the back yard. (post coming)

Cross Curricula

This is another book from the supermarket which K picked up. It was much more at her level and covers basic 'Kindergarten Basics'. She generally does a page or two a day.

We have also technically had two weeks of public school holidays during the month of September, but we've just kept on going, although at a much more casual pace.

Add into that a week of illness for both B and K (as in lying on the lounge we can't do anything mum) and well I think that's more than enough, don't you?!?!


Together Time 4 Families said...

Hi Kylie,
Love looking over all the different things that you are doing! Definately keeping you busy. Check out my blog for a sensory ABC tactile book you might want to add to your letter sounds study http://www.togethertime4families.com/2010/06/tactile-abcs-book.html

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