Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday

My first born, 9, already! Ok ok I know we mothers spend our entire lives doing this, don't we? Every year when the birthday's roll around we just can't believe how the time flies.

All of the, I remember this time 9 years ago chit chat starts happening and the bringing back of fond memories begins.

I actually remember these moments all too well as a child. My mum and my aunts would have the same conversations every birthday, about each subsequent child and my sister and I would just roll our eyes, ok here they go again!! (Sorry mummy hehehe) So I do try to keep most of my thoughts, when birthdays roll around, to myself.

My babies are all growing up, this is his last year of single digits, how quickly does childhood pass you by?!

This little guy is so totally adorable, loveable, kind, caring, empathetic, funny, cuddly, innocent, sometimes shy sometimes not, always a true friend and above else a beautiful person. He is a joy to be around and we are blessed to have him as part of our family.

I just hope the next 9 years don't go as quickly as these last ones have. I can see him packing his bags and moving out of home right before my eyes and I don't ever want that day to come.

So anyway, enough of this mum's blubbering and on to the festivities of the day. We kept to our plans for a simple affair, as we did with everyone's birthday's this year. Oh it was lovely! Sometimes it is nice to have a grand bash and go all out but simple is also great too. Simple with no pressure :-)

B was allowed to invite two friends, which was very hard, he has a bunch of mates that are all quite close and get along very well so having to choose only two wasn't easy. Add in family and our (just about family) close friends and we still had 12 children and several adults. The numbers add up really quickly don't they.

There had to be swimming. With a pool in the backyard now, a pool party was definitely the order of the day.

However we've had quite a lot of rain of late and very little sunshine so the pool really wasn't ready to be open for swimming. Whilst the weather for the day turned out to be glorious, it was only mild, somewhere around 23 degrees, certainly not swimming weather, by a long shot. But swim they did. By hook or by crook they were having a swimming party and a swimming party they had!

Obviously they froze and their little bodies were covered in goosebumps but they were all smiles in the pool, even if it didn't last that long.

Of course I couldn't not include a picture of this grogeous little guy. He was squealing it was so cold but was giggling the entire time he was in the water, albeit only on the step because no adult was braving that water lol!! (yes daddy is right there, that's his hand just next to him to make sure he stayed close to the step and he did very well at that too)

Of course there was cake. Now this little cake involved a 40 minute trip to purchase. Yes that's right 40 minutes and that was only one way!! Dad found a nice little boutique patisserie and suggested to B that he might find a super scrummy cake there, so off they headed (the day before his birthday) on a little jaunt to purchase his cake.

I have to admit it was yummy, very rich, chocolate cake, with custard cream between one layer and chocolate mousse cream between another, add in the ganache and the truffles on top and oh boy, my tummy was near exploding.

Of course there's never really a birthday without gifts. He was blessed with some lovely thoughtful items. Gee they get difficult to buy for as they get older don't they?!

And we can't forget all of the lovely people, well these photo's don't actually show all of them, but you know what I mean LOL!

Well, that's our birthdays over with for another year, time to start thinking about Christmas.

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Kez said...

Happy 9th birthday B! I'll bet that water was cold!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 9th birthday to your B, and glad such a wonderful day was had by all!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Happy birthday to B. It's kind of difficult to have outside parties at this time of the year - both here in US and in your "down under". You never know what you are going to get. But it looks like everyone had fun!

kewkew said...

Happy birthday!! Looks like you had a great day! Wish my oldest was still only 9, he's 18 and off to college, engaged and looking for a place to live :(
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I agree with what you said. I commented on my own comments if you want to see.

asliceofsmithlife said...

Happy 9th Birthday to your son, B! It looks like a fun time had by all! We will be celebrating my son's 9th birthday this weekend with a Star Wars theme! Oh boy!
Have a blessed weekend!
Tracy at " A Slice of Smith Life"
PS: I clicked a vote for you on the PF :)

Anonymous said...

B has certianly grown into a wonderful little man.

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