Monday, August 30, 2010

Science Sunday - Gases, Froth and Bubbles

The kids were busting their seams when I mentioned that the very hands on, very fun Professor Jellybean would be joining again this term for a couple of science experiment sessions.

They just love attending these workshops, not only are they fun and educational, they also have relatively small group sizes (average of 10 children per group this term).

But the best part has to be that each and every mum/parent/carer also gets to enjoy the excitement with the kids as not a single one of us has had to find all of the experiments, get organised to run the workshop, set up, run the group, make sure the experiments are working, nope, because all of that is done for us, all we simply need to do is enjoy the fun along with the kids.

As a homeschooling parent we are so busy planning and scheduling lessons it is such a blessing when we can access fabulous hands on activities for our children to participate in from time to time. Working and interacting with other adults outside of the home and to also be able to work alongside and with ones peers is a skill all children need.

How blessed we are to be able to provide this without having to hand over the entire education process of our children AND the best parts of their lives to someone else. It IS great to be a home schooler!

Sorry got a bit carried away there K doesn't look the least bit happy about participating in this does she.

The first experiment gave the children a visual of gases, something that is very difficult for a young child to fathom. They had a small continer filled with a citric acid solution. They placed a teaspoon or two of bi carb into the fingers of the glove. Whilst someone held the glove tightly around the cup, the other person lifted the glove dispersing the bi carb into the citric acid as it bubbled and the gases were released the glove 'blew up' and the kids eyes lit up!

This experiment was similar, a citric acid solution with dish soap in it, added to bi carb, a lovely fizzing, bubbling green little pot of fun.

They finished the morning off with these very cool rocket tubes. These are basically a large piece of plastic open at both ends. You begin by tying off one end and then with the other end open you very lightly blow into it (yes lightly, too hard and it doesn't work) and they seemingly instantly blow up. Grab the end and seal it shut with a rubber band.

And proceed to spend an enormous amount of time playing with them. These rocket tubes are super fun on their own but join forces with your friends and you can come up with all sorts of contraptions.

Yet another great week with Professor Jellybean.

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Phyllis said...

What is it about silly clown looks and science teachers? Anyway, it is good that is a way science is attractive to your kids.

Kez said...

That looks very cool :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

It looks like a great time!

Ticia said...

You're so fortunate to have that great class. I love all the experiments they did

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's awesome that you have access to hands-on science class. I agree that it would have been difficult and expensive to have the same experiments at home. It looks like kids enjoyed themselves a lot!

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