Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Real Life Writing

K does not enjoy handwriting lessons, or handwriting workbooks or being shown how to write letters. She does however spend 2  - 3 afternoons a week, hand writing letters to the family. She will ask me to write the words and she copies in her own writing.

She then proceeds to label each envelope and post them in our letter box. When dad gets home she will always remember to remind us if we have checked the mail that day!

Yes we have reverted back to captials, without captials she will not write at all FULL STOP. I will not have her spending time crying over trying to write in lowercase. I am more concerned that she is actually writing and she loves writing letters to us.

In saying all of that I have been looking very closely at Handwriting Without Tears for her, I think it might just be what she needs. I'll keep you posted.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am curious how HWT will work out for you. I have the same reluctant writer, but I am giving her time to mature... after all, she is not yet 4. I might look at some additional handwriting resources after New Year.

MaryAnne said...

So sweet! In France, they teach kids to write in cursive first and to print later (sixth grade, actually!) I've wondered if the cursive gets past some of the issues with printing, particularly the confusion young children frequently have over letters b, p, d, and q looking so similar.

Ticia said...

A friend of mine told me that in Latvia they're taught to write in cursive, and it's explained as "This is what it looks like to read (print writing) and this is how you write," and then there's no having to learn it all over again. Interesting concept to me.

I need to embark on teaching my kids about writing lowercase letters.

Jenny said...

I have also heard about the benefits of cursive, however I don't even write in cursive. I did purchase HWT for my 6 year old and so far so good. Her R and N have made the most improvement!

asliceofsmithlife said...

Hi Kylie! Cute post and love the letters your daughter wrote! I ordered HWT for my children last year and we did not follow the Teaching Manual exactly, but I thought it was a good program overall. I hope you have much success with it if you end up using it!

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