Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Printable: Sight Words Level 1

I have made up some sight word cards to go along with the sight word reading program I am using with K.

We didn't use sight words at all with B, they were simply integrated into his reading/language arts program and he used a true phonetic base to learn to read.

Whilst I wholeheartedly believe that phonics must make up a large portion of any learn to read program, I do feel that enabling a young child with a range of sight words (words they have memorised and can read by sight) gives them the confidence in those very early stages of reading.

Please know that this is just my opinion and what has worked for us. There are many children that just seem to pick up reading with out any real effort at all, but here we need re-enforcements.

This first list of sight words works concurrently with the first level of the sight word readers and activity book K is using. (I think I might do a seperate post on those) However I thought I would share them, since I had created the document for K anyway and maybe someone will get some use out of them.

I have printed mine off on bright cardstock and laminated them (since I will probably use them again with C) and because they are handled nearly daily with games. We play games like snap and memory and sometimes just read through the cards themselves. K also reads the readers where these words are used on a daily basis.

To download these sight words cards, click here.

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Ticia said...

I'll take advantage of your hard work. Our reading curriculum doesn't get in for a couple of weeks.

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