Friday, August 27, 2010

Bambino Academy Basics - Eggsellent Egg Trays - Recognising Colours

This information has moved. It can now be found here - TODDLER COLOUR SORTING ACTIVITY


asliceofsmithlife said...

Great activity for little minds and hands!
Thanks for sharing Kylie!

Amanda said...

Great activity!

Michelle said...

So cute!
I couldn't find my tongs one day, but we improvised and used her sister's kid chopsticks (the ones that have the little rubber man on top that holds the two sticks together just like tongs). They are pink and she absolutely loves them. I think they're actually harder than tongs or tweezers because the ends are pointier and smaller, but she loves to see them at activity time.

XYZZ said...

Thanks for linking up to Toddler Tuesday! I really like this lesson and will have to do a similar one with Pita Pocket soon. :)

Debbie said...

This is very similar to how I taught Selena her colors, different materials but the concept is the same. As he begins to seem that he is getting them, try putting the balls in a paper bag, and have him take one at a time, tell you the color, then put them in the right place. Selena had a blast with that game, and I believe it really helped reinforce the colors for her.

Kylie said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies.

Debbie, I will definitely keep that idea in mind. I am sure he would love it. :-)

RedTedArt said...

Oh! What a great and simple activity to make and do! I love it!

Why not hop over the Kid's Get Crafty adn link up? Every Wednesday. Would love to see you!!

Red Ted Art

Krystal said...

Cute. I like the element of the lines.

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