Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter F Activities

Here's a grouping of some of the activities we have done to give us the opportunity to talk about the Letter F, the initial sound it makes and words that begin with the Letter F.

We made a fairy. This was a bought pre cut craft pack. I picked it up for 50c on a throw out bin but it would be super easy to draw one yourself on some cardboard and decorate it with odds and ends,

We completed an F page in our Alphabet Scrapbook. Clipart, stickers and stamps all revolving around the letter F.

We did a sound sorting exercise. Various objects in the middle with an F card on one side and
a :( on the other side. The object is to sort the items that begin with the F sound to the F card and the others to the incorrect card. This was fun and K5 enjoyed it. I think I will make up some new cards though, those ones are a bit boring!

We painted a model fairy. She has no wings here, they were added after the paint dried!

We made a feathery F.

We also made a fluffy F.

This is just too cute don't you think? Five Green and Speckled Frogs, a great little ditty to teach the F sound and also counting. The Story Map Clip Art images are from Story It.

I printed out the song and added some frogs to pretty it up. I've laminated my frogs and we sing the song acting it out as we go along. You could also add a piece of velcro to the back and use these with a felt board.

Want more Letter F Activities? Hop on over to Mozi Esme for lots more ideas.


Mozi Esme said...

That fairy is too cute! We attempted a few flower fairies here, but they didn't look so great - Esme loved them, at least!

And I love the fluffy and feathery Fs! There is SO MUCH to do with F, I'm having a hard time containing myself! :)

Kylie said...

It is kind of endless isn't it! Your ideas are full of inspiration though. Kind of makes me want to sort everything I have into Letter Activites hehehe

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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