Friday, August 21, 2009

Bugs and Creepy Crawlies: Part 2

We are still well and truly powering along our study of Insects and all things buggy! In case you missed the first instalment, you can revisit it here if you like.

B7 (in case you don't already know) is mad keen on Lego. I guess what 7 year old boy isn't! So what does one do when playing lego and learning about bugs, make Lego Bugs of course.

Quite obviously a bee, this actually took a couple of attempts and a couple of hours sitting with dear old mum just sorting black and yellow pieces. Hence they are now in a large ziplock baggie. This dear old mum was not sitting for nearly 2 hours sorting lego, only to have the pieces dumped back into the unsorted container.

As a side note, I'd love to see how you all organise your Lego. We have enough here to fill a small store and it is beginning to drive me crazy. So any tips will be gratefully received.

A Rhinoceros Beetle, funnily enough this one came together really very quickly. I would have thought that the bee was going to be easier, I guess you never can tell when it comes to lego model making.

What perfect timing! Currclicks weekly newsletter had a packet of Mini Books all on Insects on sale, from Notebooking Nook. They've been great as they have allowed us to still continue in what ever path we choose and we then simply grab the appropriate mini book and add the details we want.

Even though the kids know the Life Cycle of Butterfly down pat, they chose to complete this mini book anyway.

We talked about Entomology, looked up the meaning in the dictionary and discussed what entomologists do.

Insects have so many wonderful and exciting homes, they live in some truly weird places.

We talked about some of the reasons why Insects Communicate with each other.

I made up this quick Ladybug Beetle Maths Sheet for B7, starting with a simple addition word problem and finishing with a more complex subtraction problem. (which reminds me I have created a few downloadable bits and pieces of late, hopefully I will find some time soon to add them to my other blog Free Homeschool Printables)

And Bug Patterning with clip art that I put together for K5. I included simple AB and ABC Patterns and also decided to add in a ABCD pattern just to see how she handled it. With a small amount of guidance she loved this activity.

This In Touch With Nature book I picked up on a throw out table some time back. It has some neat and simple outdoor activities that we hope to get to over the next few days.

I also whipped up this simple Shape Bugs sheet. The kids had to cut the shapes out and stick them together to create a bug.

B7's Butterfly (don't ask my why this is on its side because it wasn't before). I was kinda hoping he would use the squares and rectangles to make a funky fun looking bug but he isn't that much into abstract creations. If he is creating a butterfly then it has to look like a butterfly.

K5 decided that she didn't want to make bugs so she made Entomologists instead ;-)

B7 completed a quick Ants notebooking page.

A couple of water coloured images he finished whilst listening to read alouds.

And then there's this book we found. Looks interesting huh! It is a pop up, lift the flap book with some fantastic images inside. A great book, a feast for the eyes that's for sure.

But it also has sound effects. Check this out.

I won't spoil it by showing anymore, you'll have to go find the book for yourself.

Well I had thought that this would be the last part to our Bug study but B7 has informed me that he wants to continue on with learning about insects next week as well. Stay tuned for Part 3 of Bugs and Creepy Crawlies.


Wendy said...

Ah, Legos and bugs. Yup. My 6 1/2 year-old son loves Legos and has recently developed an interest in insects. It must be the natural order of things. LOL

Kylie said...

It is funny as he has never been into insects, catching bugs and creepy crawiles in the garden has always been my 5 year old daughters domain....oh well I guess he had to catch the bug sooner or later. Thanks for stopping by.

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