Friday, August 28, 2009

Coming To An End

Well our very first season of Soccer is nearing an end. It has also been our very first season participating in any kind of group (team based) sport.

I must admit that I wasn't overly happy about B7 signing up with Soccer. I felt (and in all honestly still do) that he is far too young to be able to fully participate and meet the needs of the team in a group based sport.

Not that he lacks the soccer skills I just feel that at 7 years of age children don't have all of the social and emotional skills one needs to not only focus on your own skills, but those of the team. They also are required to listen and follow the coach and the umpire at each game. Not too mention the competitive nature of team sports and the dealing with other children in general.

It is just a lot to have to take in and alot to ask of someone so young. I am totally gobsmacked at the amount of 5 year old's that are out there running around on the soccer field. They struggle to even understand what they need to do with the ball, let alone be able to work as a team. Obviously there is always exceptions to this and I have witnessed some fabulous little soccer players that will no doubt grow up being a valuable asset to the club.

However he (and his dad) really wanted to give it a try. So I relented. Who am I to stand in his way. We talked alot at the beginning of the season about having fun and being sure to enjoy every training session and every game. I feel very strongly that at this young age it must be all about having fun! Win or lose it makes no difference.

Whilst I still think he is too young and granted that I have not attended that many games this season (the baby always needed a sleep) he has really enjoyed it. The overall feel of the club (at least with the juniors) is that of fun and friendship. Every adult that I have seen deal with the children have always ensured that the kids needs are met and have never been concerned with the 'winning' of the game.

I'd have to say that in general it has been a very successful first season of soccer and of team sports in general.

Even daddy had the opportunity to umpire and this week coming he is coaching the boys as their regular coach has other commitments.

B7 has enjoyed the season and wants to play again next year, which is totally fine by me (if that is what he really wants to do). In the meantime we are trying lots of other things, (tennis, drama etc) never know something else might catch his interest before the next soccer season arrives and I won't have to worry about him when the next season comes around.

Hey, I wouldn't be a mum if I didn't worry about these things!


Wendy Hawksley said...

I hear that! It was both easy and tough to sign my son up for taekwondo. I felt he should get out of the house for something, but team sports weren't to my liking either. He expressed an interest in both taekwondo and soccer. We chose taekwondo.

Considering he is only 6, he is doing admirably well in his 2nd week of classes. He doesn't have the focus of the 7, 8 and 9-year-olds, but I'm cutting him plenty of slack.

Maybe we'll do soccer in the spring, when he is 7, and if it doesn't conflict with taekwondo (or turn us into crazy racing-back-and-forth-from-activities type of parents).

It sounds like B7 did well and I'm glad the soccer season worked out comfortably for all of you!

Kylie said...

Thanks for stopping by Wendy and for your thoughts. It is hard isn't it. I try my best to be a non coercive parent but when they choose things you don't want them to it doesn't make it easy. TKD is on our list of things to try. Thankfully our wonderful homeschool network trys different sports each term for about 8 weeks which gives the kids a great variety and an insight into lots of different sports.

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