Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shaving Cream

C had his first shaving cream experience yesterday.

At first he really wasn't sure and just poked his finger in. Mummy also wasn't sure, I have to admit I thought that all he would end up doing was trying to eat it!

Now, the shaving cream was for C's benefit, however bring out something gooey, messy and fun and well let's just say that even the biggest of kids can't resist to get a little dirty.

Working up to it, oh yes I really can get in and play with this stuff hey!

It took K not time at all to get into the messy fun.

B even enjoyed it, although he did spend most of the time telling us how yucky it felt. I do have a feeling it was a nice yucky though, if there is such a thing!

He even did a bit of sculpting, it was kinda tricky to complete anything though with a pair of 18 month old hands right next to him at the table. His little Valentine Heart was about all I managed to catch on film.

Ahh, now finally C is getting into this, shaving cream up to his armpits and it wasn't long before

It was in his hair, on his legs and being spread around the floor.

I grabbed the paintscrapers near the end for making patterns on the table.

A very messy, yet very fun experience. I deliberately kept it simple as this was C's first attempt with anything really messy. There are so many extensions to shaving cream so I am sure he'll enjoy it (as will the big kids) the next time we squirt some out!


Anonymous said...

Looks like C has had a very busy and fun week.

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